Multi-layered ISHLT organizational chart

ISHLT is led by a Board of Directors, supported by an Executive Committee, a Governance Committee, and a Finance Committee. The operations of the three main pillars of the Society are governed by three Oversight Committees, and the interests of the four major practice areas of the Society are led by the Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committees.


Finally, the ISHLT Leadership Advisory Forum provides a representation-based forum for the varied geographical, generational, gender, and specialty-based constituencies of the Society.

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Executive Leadership

The 16-person ISHLT Board of Directors is responsible for managing the affairs of the Society and providing appropriate and effective governance and leadership of ISHLT.

The Executive Committee consists of the five ISHLT officers (President-elect, President, Past- President, Secretary and Treasurer). They make urgent or emergency decisions for the Society, and provide leadership to the Board.

The Governance Committee includes two components: a Governance Operating Committee and a Governance Nominating Committee.

The Finance Committee oversees the financial performance of the Society, and assists in developing the budget.

Society Leadership

The ISHLT Leadership Advisory Forum (LAF) serves to provide a representation-based forum for the varied geographic, generational, gender, and specialty-based constituencies of ISHLT to discuss issues of interest and concern to their constituencies and the Society and share their perspectives with each other and the Board.

Under the leadership of an Interdisciplinary Steering Committee, each of these Interdisciplinary Networks ensure that the mission and purposes of the Society and all of the activities pursued by the Society are reflective of the perspectives and needs of the entire health care delivery team.

ISHLT delegates the management and oversight of the Society’s programs and services to three Oversight Committees: Education, Publications, and Research.