Oversight Committees

ISHLT delegates the management and oversight of the Society’s programs and services to three Oversight Committees.

These Oversight Committees serve to:

  • Ensure ISHLT’s program and service portfolios further the Society’s strategic plan, meet the needs of the members, and are not duplicative of or in conflict with each other
  • Develop recommendations to the Board regarding the strategic plan as it relates to programs and services
  • Monitor and ensure the engagement of a diverse spectrum of members in the development and delivery of content for ISHLT’s programs and services
  • Provide guidance and oversight to the sub-committee chairs regarding ISHLT policies related to program and service development and delivery
  • Annually evaluate the value and effectiveness of ISHLT’s programs and services Monitor for conflicts of interest in the Society’s scientific output
Six faculty from the ISHLT Academies smiling for the camera at ISHLT2023

The Education Oversight Committee (EOC) is responsible for identifying and connecting the committees or task forces needed to execute projects and programs within the ISHLT education portfolio.

Brochures on a table at ISHLT2022

The purpose of the Statements & Publications Oversight Committee (SPOC) is to oversee and harmonize the publications of the Society and ensure that they further the Society’s Publications mission and strategy.


TTX Registry Chair Rebecca Cogswell presents at ISHLT2023

The purpose of the Research Oversight Committee (ROC) is to oversee, coordinate, and harmonize committees, programs, and services that further the Society’s research mission and strategy.