ISHLT/Enduring Hearts Pediatric Heart Transplantation Innovation Challenge Grant


Innovative proposals in early phase that have the potential for rapid translation are highly valued. Newer diagnostic tools, monitoring technologies, early immunologic breakthroughs that help maintain a healthier graft longer and technologies that improve survival to transplant are key areas of focus for this application. The selected recipient will be recognized at the ISHLT Annual Meeting. The grant is designed to support researchers at academic institutions who are active members of ISHLT.

After the application period, selected finalists will be invited to virtually present their research proposal as part of a webinar. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges.


The purpose of this grant is to support research that focuses on improving outcomes for pediatric patients who undergo heart transplantation. Proposals should focus on:

Reducing/eliminating rejection and/or cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV) through innovative management of children/adolescents waiting for, and immediately after receiving, a heart transplant.

Innovations and/or new technologies for early detection and/or treatment of rejection and/or CAV applicable to children and adolescents.

Grant Details

One grant will be awarded for one year in an amount of up to $30,000.

Eligibility Requirements
Academic Appointment and Institutional Resources
  1. The applicant must have an academic appointment at an accredited institution of higher learning.
  2. An individual may apply for the research grant while still in training. However, he/she must have been offered and accepted a faculty position that will begin on or before initiation of the grant.
ISHLT Membership
  1. The applicant must be an active member of ISHLT or have submitted a completed membership application by 30 September, 2022.
Previous ISHLT Funding/Funding from Other Sources
  1. There are no restrictions on past or current funding.
  2. The applicant may be a past or current recipient of an ISHLT Fellowship or Faculty Development research grant.
  3. The applicant may currently hold career development awards, mentoring awards, or other independent research awards.
  4. If the applicant is currently receiving funding for projects similar to the topics described in this Request for Applications, the proposed project cannot overlap with the other funded research projects.
  1. Applicants who have a substantial relationship with Enduring Hearts that would present a real or perceived conflict of interest if awarded this grant must first contact ISHLT to declare the conflict before submitting an application.
Funding Stipulations / Grant Policies
Please review these guidelines and terms prior to completing your application. If you are ultimately awarded a grant, you will sign a letter of agreement (LOA) stating that you agree to these funding guidelines and terms, and the LOA will be co-signed by your institution’s grant/research office.
  1. Research must begin on 1 January of the grant year and end by 31 December of the same year of the following year. The research start date cannot be deferred.
  2. Funding in the amount of up to $30,000 will be provided for the research project.
  3. The grant is intended to provide only salary support for the researcher, supplies/materials, and statistical analysis support. No other costs are permitted, including institutional overhead.
  4. The grant will be paid in multiple installments to the recipient’s institution. First installment (50% of funds) will be paid at the beginning of grant work; the second installment (25%) will be paid 6 months later (after receipt of a grant progress report) and the final installment (25%) will be paid after receipt of a final report.
  5. Grant funding is not transferable from one recipient to another. If the grantee relocates, the ISHLT will determine if the grant can be transferred to the recipient’s new location, or if the grant must be surrendered and any remaining funds returned. If the grant is surrendered, a final report will still be required; see item #8. below.
  6. The applicant must acknowledge the grant as a funding source in all manuscripts and presentations derived from the funded research using the following statement: “This work was supported by a grant from the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation and Enduring Hearts.” Copies of such publications must be submitted to ISHLT.
  7. Pursuant to regulations of the federal Physician Payment Sunshine Act (included in the Affordable Care Act), NPI numbers will be collected from grant recipients (if applicable), and tax ID numbers collected from the recipients’ institutions (if applicable). All payments will be reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Open Payments system, as payments from ISHLT represent indirect transfers of value from the funding pharmaceutical company.
  8. Reports are required at the following intervals depending on the term of the grant, and continuation of funding is contingent upon completion of these reports :
    1. Six-month progress report due 1 June of the grant year.
    2. Final report within 30 days of the conclusion of the grant term of 31 December of the grant year. A final report is required even if the grant is surrendered for any reason prior to the conclusion of the grant term.
Guidelines for Judging Scientific Merit and Fundability of Applications
  1. Decisions for finalist positions will be made by an expert review committee from ISHLT that includes two representation from Enduring Hearts. Applications will be scored on the basis of significance, innovation, research approach, feasibility and prior work, as well as other factors.
  2. All applicants will be notified as to whether or not their application has been accepted as a finalist for presentation by 30 September.
  3. Finalists will then be expected to present their proposed research project to the expert review committee virtually in November. From these finalists, the expert review committee will select the winner of the Pediatric Heart Transplantation Innovation Challenge Grant.
  4. For the selected individual, the term of the grant will begin 1 January of the grant year.

Current Recipient