2024 Technology and Heart Failure Therapeutics Conference

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4 March to 6, 2024

Boston, MA, USA

  • Advanced Heart Failure & Transplantation
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Collaborative
  • Conferences
  • Education
  • In Person Education
  • Nursing & Allied Health
  • Pharmacy
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THT 2024 is CRF’s third annual Technology and Heart Failure Therapeutics conference — the international heart failure conference that provides an immersive experience in the latest treatment innovations, focusing on device- and technology-based treatments within the context of drug therapies. THT 2024 covers a full range of updates on current status of drug- and device-based treatments for heart failure across the spectrum of LV ejection fractions.

The conference is designed for a multidisciplinary audience that includes anyone interested in heart failure management and a comprehensive overview of existing and investigational interventions.