MythBusters: The Episode Where Pharmacy, Infectious Diseases, and Transplant Collide

18 January, 2024 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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This webinar will discuss various infectious diseases topics related to the management of patients in the post-transplant period, specifically focusing on immunizations, CMV viral load, and routes of medications.


Asbjørn Lunnan, PharmD
Yoichiro Natori, MD


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MYTH 1: It is better to delay vaccines until I think the patient will respond.

Is there any level of immunosuppression where vaccination doesn't work or should it always be given? When does it make sense to delay a vaccination to hope for a better response? At what point do you just give it, and does it post-rituximab therapy, induction strategies, mounting response to a vaccine, steroids, pediatrics and catch-up schedule, when do you give it?

Presented by Miranda So, PharmD.

MYTH 2: It is better to treat versus not treat any detectable CMV load.

The myth here is to discuss whether to treat or not to treat low-level CMV. This has increasingly become an area of controversy as labs have become better at detecting CMV (even detecting unquantifiable levels). Especially with R+ patients, at what level would you consider treating CMV? This talk should include a discussion about the benefits of asymptomatic antigenemia in the long-term treatment of CMV.

Presented by Orla Morrissey, MD, PhD.

MYTH 3: Intravenous antimicrobials are always better than oral.

This talk will discuss the use of antifungals and address some of the dogmas in the transplant world. What literature exists to support the use of PO antifungals to treat transplant patients? Does the cost of IV outweigh the benefits?

Presented by Kaitlyn Grieves, PharmD.

There will be no contuing education available for this webinar.