Peri-operative Management of Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Heart Failure Undergoing Surgery

Published 23 June 2022

Dana P. McGlothlin, MD; John Granton, MD; Walter Klepetko, MD; Maurice Beghetti, MD; Erika B. Rosenzweig, MD; Paul A. Corris, MD; Evelyn Horn, MD; Manreet K. Kanwar, MD; Karen McRae, MD; Antonio Roman, MD; Ryan Tedford, MD; Roberto Badagliacca, MD; Sonja Bartolome, MD; Raymond Benza, MD; Marco Caccamo, DO; Rebecca Cogswell, MD; Celine Dewachter, MD; Laura Donahoe, MD; Elie Fadel, MD, PhD; Harrison W. Farber, MD; Jeffrey Feinstein, MD; Veronica Franco, MD; Robert Frantz, MD; Michael Gatzoulis, MD; Choon Hwa (Anne) Goh, MD; Marco Guazzi, MD; Georg Hansmann, MD; Stuart Hastings, MD; Paul M. Heerdt, MD, PhD; Anna Hemnes, MD; Antoine Herpain, MD; Chih-Hsin Hsu, MD; Kim Kerr, MD; Nicholas A. Kolaitis, MD; Jasleen Kukreja, MD; Michael Madani, MD; Stuart McCluskey, MD; Michael McCulloch, MD; Bernhard Moser, MD; Manchula Navaratnam, MD; Göran Rådegran, MD; Cara Reimer, MD; Laurent Savale, MD; Oksana A. Shlobin, MD; Jana Svetlichnaya, MD; Keith Swetz, MD; Jessica Tashjian, MD; Thenappan Thenappan, MD; Carmine Dario Vizza, MD; Shawn West, MD; Warren Zuckerman, MD; Andreas Zuckermann, MD; Teresa De Marco, MD

J Heart Lung Transplantation Sep 2022;41(9):P1135-1194.

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Pulmonary Vascular Disease (PAH & CTEPH) (PVD)Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a risk factor for morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing surgery and anesthesia. This document represents the first international consensus statement for the perioperative management of patients with pulmonary hypertension and right heart failure.

This statement from the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) includes recommendations for managing patients with PH being considered for surgery, including preoperative risk assessment, planning, intra- and postoperative monitoring, and management strategies that can improve outcomes in this vulnerable population. This comprehensive document includes common perioperative patient populations and surgical procedures with unique considerations.

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