Basic Science and Translational Research Core Competency Curriculum

Second Edition

Published 1 November 2018

Esme Dijke, PhD; Tereza Martinu, MD; Stijn Verleden, PhD

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  • Advanced Heart Failure & Transplantation
  • Advanced Lung Failure & Transplantation
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The purpose of this compendium is to provide a Core Competency Curriculum in Basic Science and Translational Research (BSTR) as it relates to heart and lung failure and transplantation. This curriculum intends to provide an outline of essential topics in the field of BSTR as well as references and hyperlinks that should be considered for individual study to develop competencies in various aspects of BSTR.

ISHLT BSTR Academies will focus on core competencies in Basic Science and Translational Research and will fill gaps in practice by assisting clinicians in improving their understanding of the scientific background behind clinical practice, updating basic and translational researchers on recent discoveries, encouraging interaction between basic/translational researchers and clinicians, and stimulating discussion about common basic topics in the fields of heart versus lung failure and transplantation.