Volume 6 – ISHLT Guidelines for the Care of Heart Transplant Recipients

Published 1 April 2012

  • Advanced Heart Failure & Transplantation
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Monograph
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Maria Rosa Costanzo, MD
Sharon A. Hunt, MD
David O. Taylor, MD
James K. Kirklin, MD

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Table of Contents
Part 1 – Peri-Operative Care of the Heart Transplant Recipient

Topic 1: Surgical Issues Impacting Care in the Immediate Post-operative Period
Topic 2: Early Post-operative Care of the Heart Transplant Recipient
Topic 3: Evaluation of Allosensitization, Approaches to Sensitized Heart Transplant Candidates, Hyperacute and Delayed Antibody Mediated Rejection
Topic 4: Management of ABO "incompatible" Pediatric Heart Transplants
Topic 5: Coagulopathies with Heart Transplant Surgery
Topic 6: Documentation and Communication with the Multidisciplinary Team
Topic 7: Use of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for the Management of Primary Graft Failure in Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients

Part 2 – Immunosuppression and Rejection

Topic 1: Rejection Surveillance
Topic 2: Pharmacology/Pharmacokinetics and Immunosuppression Monitoring
Topic 3: Principles of Immunosuppression and Recommended Regimens
Topic 4: Management of Acute Cellular Rejection
Topic 5: Treatment of Antibody Mediated Rejection
Topic 6: Management of Late Acute Rejection

Part 3 – Long-term Care of Heart Transplant Recipients

Topic 1: Minimization of Immunosuppression
Topic 2: Management of Neurologic Complications After Heart Transplantation
Topic 3: Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy
Topic 4: Malignancy After Heart Transplantation
Topic 5: Chronic Kidney Disease After Heart Transplantation
Topic 6: Management of Diabetes Mellitus After Heart Transplantation
Topic 7: Other Complications of Chronic Immunosuppressive Drugs
Topic 8: Hypertension After Heart Transplantation
Topic 9: Prophylaxis for Corticosteroid-Induced Bone Disease After Heart Transplantation
Topic 10: Reproductive Health After Heart Transplantation
Topic 11: Exercise and Physical Rehabilitation After Heart Transplantation
Topic 12: Management of Intercurrent Surgery in Heart Transplantation
Topic 13: Return to Work or School and Occupational Restrictions After Heart Transplantation
Topic 14: Return to Operating a Vehicle After Heart Transplantation
Topic 15: Cardiac Retransplantation
Topic 16: Endocarditis Prophylaxis After Heart Transplantation
Topic 17: Frequency of Routine Tests and Clinic Visits in Heart Transplant Recipients
Topic 18: Psychological Issues Particularly Related to Adherence to Medical Therapy in Heart Recipients
Topic 19: Management of the Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care After Heart Transplantation
Topic 20: Principles of Shared Care After Heart Transplantation