November 2022 Journal Watch

Published 1 November 2022

  • Advanced Lung Failure & Transplantation
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Journal Watch

The November 2022 Journal Watch explores LFTX & CT Surgery topics including:

  • Lactate during ex-situ heart perfusion does not predict the requirement for mechanical circulatory support following donation after circulatory death (DCD) heart transplants
  • Prognostic Significance of the N-Terminal Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide in Lung Transplant Candidates on the Waiting List
  • Successful 3-day lung preservation using a cyclic normothermic ex vivo lung perfusion strategy

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Issue Editor: 


Additional Contributors: 

Laura DiChiacchio, MD, PhD
University of Utah

J. Sam Meyer, MSc
Rabin Medical Center, Israel

Vasudev B. Pai, FRCS- CTh (Ed)
Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK