Exploratory Evidence Supports Use of Donor-Derived Cell-Free DNA to Monitor Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients

Published 18 October 2023

  • Advanced Heart Failure & Transplantation
  • Cardiology
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  • Research & Immunology

In this episode of the ISHLT Voices podcast, Dr. Shri Deshpande, a cardiologist at the National Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC USA, discusses his work on improving the care of pediatric heart transplant patients. 

Dr. Deshpande's research focuses on the use of cell-free DNA in monitoring transplant recipients for rejection. He explains that cell-free DNA, released when cells break down, can be detected in the bloodstream and used as a non-invasive screening tool to assess the health of transplanted organs. 

The discussion covers the external validation of the Prospera™ assay by Natera, which has shown high negative predictive value and specificity, making it a promising tool for reducing the need for invasive biopsies and improving long-term transplant outcomes. Dr. Deshpande also highlights the potential for wider implementation of this technology in standard transplant care and ongoing research to optimize its use.

This episode was created for ISHLT Voices and sponsored by Natera.

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