Imagine Prague: Do's & Don'ts

Published 23 January 2024
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ISHLT2024 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic next April. Become familiar with some common dos and don’ts with the list below to ensure a seamless journey:

    Photo of bridge over river with Prague in background
  • Don’t wear jeans or shorts to the theater or concert hall. This may offend the locals who wear suits and dresses.
  • Don’t use your credit card in unknown places or small businesses. It’s better to get cash (Czech koruna) from the bank or ATM for use in smaller shops, stands, and restaurants.
  • Prague is a generally safe city, except for a relatively high risk of pickpocketing. A money belt or pouch may be a good idea. Keep your hand on your purse or bag zipper in crowded places.
  • Beware of taxis. The general recommendation is to avoid these. If you need a taxi, call a reputable company or have the hotel call one for you. Negotiating the price with the driver ahead of time is a good idea.
  • Photo of train moving through city streets
  • It makes a lot of sense to take public transportation in Prague since it’s affordable and gets you everywhere. However, there are some details to remember. One needs to buy a ticket ahead of time, either a short non-transfer ticket (called nepřestupný lístek) or a transfer ticket good for 90 minutes (called přestupný lístek). The other option is to get a one-day or a one-week pass. You need to stamp your ticket or pass at the entrance to the subway, bus, or tramway and then you need to keep it until you are done riding. You may be asked to show your stamped ticket by a Czech-only-speaking undercover agent.
  • Review the important travel information at to ensure you’ll be able to travel safely to Prague.
Headshot of Tereza MartinuThe 44 th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. This is the city of ancient spires, domes, and alleys; the land of preserved thousand-year-old history; the vibrant home of culture, music, and art. Spend your free time sightseeing, city-walking, dumpling-eating, and pivo-drinking. Get to know Prague and start planning your travel with the Imagine Prague articles originally written and edited by ISHLT member, Tereza Martinu, MD, MHS, of the Toronto General Hospital/UHN in Toronto, Canada.