New ISHLTv Recording Available: AHFTX Webinar on Heart Transplant in HIV+ Patients

Published 07 December 2023
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The webinar included general aspects and outcomes of modern antiretroviral therapies, understanding the pathophysiology of cardiomyopathy leading to heart failure (and kidney failure) in HIV+ patients, and the current application of cardiac heart replacement therapies including heart transplant and left ventricular support in this population.


Headshot of Nicolas BrozziNicolas Brozzi, MD
Cleveland Clinic Florida
Weston, FL USA


Headshot of Andrew Morley-SmithAndrew Morley-Smith, MD
Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital
London, United Kingdom


Living with HIV in 2023
Nina Thakkar-Rivera, DO, PhD
, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, FL USA

Etiology & Pathophysiology of Heart Failure in Patients Living with HIV
Jonathan Hand, MD
, Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans, LA USA

Heart Replacement Therapies in HIV+: Patient Selection & Outcomes of Heart Transplant and LVAD Support
Maria Castel, MD, PhD
, Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Is it Time for a New HOPE?
Emily Blumberg, MD
, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

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