November 2023 Journal Watch: Cardiothoracic Surgery

Published 20 November 2023
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ISHLT Journal Watch Logo in Red and BlueISHLT Journal Watch is a periodic publication presented by the ISHLT Early Career and Trainee Committee, and is available in both English y en Español.

This month’s issue explores topics in Cardiothoracic Surgery, including:

  • Heart-kidney transplant survival in the new allocation system
  • Outcomes of perioperative revascularization in concomitant coronary bypass grafting (CABG)
  • Exploring disparities in heart transplant waitlist outcomes based on center volume before the 2018 allocation change

Issue Editor:

Kukbin Choi, MD
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Columbus, OH USA

Additional Contributors:

Hongsun Kim, MD, MS
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN USA

Hiroko Nakahama, MD
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH USA

Divyaam Satija, BS
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH USA

Featured studies:

  • Shin M, et al. Decreased survival of simultaneous heart-kidney transplant recipients in the new heart allocation era. JHLT Aug 2023.
  • Tran, et al. Lung transplant survival with past and concomitant cardiac revascularization. JHLT Oct 2023.
  • Critsinelis, et al. Heart Transplant Waitlist Outcomes and Wait Time by Center Volume in the Pre-2018 Allocation Change Era. ASAIO Journal Sep 2023.

Thanks to issue editor Kukbin Choi, MD, and to Paola Morejón Barragán, MD, who translated the issue into Spanish.

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