Research is at the heart of every medical breakthrough

The ISHLT Foundation funds research to improve patient care in advanced heart and lung disease, and programs that develop the next generation of researchers and clinicians around the world.

About Us

The ISHLT Foundation knows that it takes a global, multidisciplinary approach to improve the standard of care for advanced heart and lung disease. Join the ISHLT Foundation in accelerating medical breakthroughs, access to care, and quality outcomes. This video explores the inception of the Foundation and its future plans.

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Fostering Excellence Campaign

The Fostering Excellence Campaign was launched to launch, inspire and galvanize support for the work of the ISHLT Foundation.

These financial resources from donors and corporate partners will allow the Foundation to become a self-sustaining engine of innovation while elevating awareness of the Foundation and its research objectives.

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Corporate Partners

Many thanks to these major donors whose flagship contributions helped make the launch of the ISHLT Foundation possible.

What People Are Saying about the Foundation

Headshot of Greg Calligaro

We started the first lung transplant program for insured and uninsured patients in Africa in 2017. The opportunity to visit a high-volume center in Phoenix helped capacitate our team and improve our experience.

Greg Calligaro, MD
2018 ISHLT International Traveling Scholarship Recipient
Groote Schuur Hospital | Cape Town, South Africa

Headshot of Sugimoto Seiichiro

Owing to this grant, I was able to develop my career in lung transplantation, and now I am a surgical director of lung transplantation in our hospital.

Seiichiro Sugimoto, MD, PhD
2008 ISHLT Research Fellowship Grant Recipient
Okayama University Hospital | Okayama, Japan

Headshot of Saptharishi Ganesan

The ISHLT International Traveling Scholarship exposed me to ECLS support for advanced heart and lung failure. As a Pediatric intensivist, this helped me appreciate the immense impact this has on children and their families.

Saptharishi Ganesan, MD
2015 International Traveling Scholarship Recipient
The University of Western Ontario | London, ON Canada

Headshot of Ben Tarrant

This ISHLT grant allowed me to begin, run, complete, and prepare a novel feasibility trial for publication in the area of physiotherapy management during postoperative lung transplant recovery.

Ben Tarrant, PhD
2019 Nursing Research Grant Recipient
Alfred University | Melbourne, VIC Australia

Headshot of Tereza Martinu

The ISHLT career development award was a very important grant for me, allowing me to move towards an independent research career. Even though it was not a huge sum of money, it was enough to afford me some scientific independence.

Tereza Martinu, MD
2008 ISHLT Research Fellowship Grant Recipient
Toronto General Hospital | Toronto, ON Canada

Headshot of Arezu Aliabadi-Zuckermann

Based on training by Peter McDonal and Kumud Dhital on starting and running a DCD heart transplant program, I built up a program in Vienna and did the first DCD heart transplant in Austria with my team. The award was an absolute game changer!

Arezu Z. Aliabadi-Zuckermann, MD
2015 ISHLT International Traveling Scholarship Recipient
Medical University of Vienna | Vienna, Austria