Mission Statement

The International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) is a not-for-profit, multidisciplinary, professional organization dedicated to improving the care of patients with advanced heart or lung disease through transplantation, mechanical support and innovative therapies via research, education and advocacy.

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ISHLT organizational chart showing the ten professional communities of the ISHLTWho We Are

Professional Communities
  • ISHLT is an international and multidisciplinary professional society representing the members of the broad health care delivery teams engaged in the management of patients with end stage heart or lung disease.
  • Our membership of over 3,000 individuals is drawn from more than 50 countries.
  • Our members practice in more than 23 different specialty areas. Within ISHLT, they are organized into 10 Professional Communities where they network, share expertise, and advance knowledge in their specialty as it relates to the mission of ISHLT.
  • The members of the Professional Communities are the source of scientific and medical content expertise for all ISHLT programs and services.
  • The Professional Communities are the entry point for members to engage in ISHLT.
  • Nonmembers may access the Professional Communities via ISHLTconnect, our online discussion board platform.

ISHLT organizational chart showing the four interdisciplinary networks relating the 10 professional communitiesHow We Practice

Interdisciplinary Networks
  • We leverage the value of our multidisciplinarity to deliver on our mission by organizing into 4 core therapy/disease-focused practice areas called Interdisciplinary Networks:

  • This interdisciplinary focus is a unique aspect of ISHLT and a primary value for our members and industry partners as it brings all decision makers (surgeons, physicians, allied health professionals, and scientists) together to solve problems in managing advanced heart and lung disease.
  • Each Network is comprised of members from each professional specialty according to their therapy/disease area of practice. Within each Network, these members address their professional needs and the needs of their patients from a truly interdisciplinary perspective that mirrors how care is delivered in the modern era.
  • These Interdisciplinary Networks, each led by a multidisciplinary Steering Committee, ensure that the mission and purposes of the Society and all of the activities pursued by the Society (education, research, publications) are reflective of the perspectives of the entire health care delivery team.

ISHLT organizational chart showing how ISHLT committees fit into the membershipWhat We Do


Multi-layered ISHLT organizational chartHow We Govern