International Traveling Scholarship

  This award is not currently being offered by ISHLT.


The purpose of this award is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and techniques regarding heart and lung transplantation and the treatment of end stage heart and lung failure and to build relationships between individuals, institutions, and countries. The Scholarships may be used to learn new techniques in the clinic, operating room, or laboratory or just to experience first-hand how others deal with challenging problems.

It is anticipated that each Scholarship will be for up to one month, however no absolute time is stipulated. Visits of less than 2 weeks will not be funded. The funding may be used for travel, accommodation, and/or subsistence for the recipient, with a maximum of $100 per day for food and accommodations. The funding may not be used to cover other costs, such as accompanying family members or salary, nor to cover any associated costs borne by the recipient's home institution, such as for the back-filling of clinical duties or for indirect costs/institutional overhead.