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2018 ISHLT: The acceptance of abstract data requests for the 2018 ISHLT Annual Meeting is now closed.

2018-2919 RESEARCH PROJECTS: We will begin accepting and reviewing non-timeline sensitive data requests starting January 1, 2018. If you request is accepted, we will work wit you to establish a timeline for data analysis.

Thank you for considering the IMACS Registry for your research project!

- The IMACS Research Team

In early April 2016, the IMACS Registry launched the research proposal application process and the statistical support provided for approved research proposals.

As stated in the IMACS Research guidelines, the goals of the IMACS Registry in regards to research are the following:
  • Promote efficient and quality publication of research findings from IMACS in highly regarded peer-reviewed, MEDLINE-indexed, journals, with priority given to the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation and the associated meetings of the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation.
  • Support broad and equitable participation by investigators and stakeholders of IMACS in presentations and publications.
  • Define equitable rules and guidelines to determine access to data for the purpose of performing scientific investigation.
  • Review requests for research proposals and manuscript publications and prioritize publication and presentations.
  • Provide a mechanism for resolution of disputes regarding authorship and assignment. All disagreements related to publications may be brought before the IMACS Registry Committee for final resolution.
  • Provide editorial support and timely review of presentations and publications.
  • Create Authorship and Writing Groups for each research request and data analysis.
  • Support the general distribution of research findings to investigators and stakeholders of IMACS and the public via the IMACS website.
The IMACS Registry Research Committee Chair and subcommittee are seeking proposals for well-developed investigator initiated projects within the scope of IMACS data collection. In order to begin the research process for the IMACS Registry, please review the following items:

IMACS Research Request for Analyses performed by the IMACS Data Coordinating Center

A complete Request Form (word doc) with a well detailed research proposal which includes specific aims, background and significance, and detailed study design and methods is the first step to beginning the research process. All research requests should be emailed to for review by the IMACS Research Committee. An email confirmation receipt will be sent.

ISHLT Financial Relationship Disclosure and Resolution Form

A complete Disclosure Form (word doc) will need to be submitted upon acceptance of the research proposal. It is the policy of the ISHLT and its registry for all individuals participating in any activity in which there is official representation on behalf of ISHLT which includes authorship should complete this form.

IMACS Data Access, Analysis, and Publications Guidelines

This Document (word document) outlines the guidelines and policies for conducting research with the IMACS Registry. It includes a step by step process from submission to publication which includes an estimated timeline for each of those steps.

For any further questions, please feel free to send an email to

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