Volume 1 – Mechanical Circulatory Support

  Published: September 2006


Editors: O.H. Frazier, MD and James K. Kirklin, MD

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Table of Contents

Preface (PDF)

Chapter 1:  Developmental History of Mechanical Circulatory Support
By James K. Kirklin and O.H. Frazier

Chapter 2:  Biologic Barriers to Mechanical Circulatory Support
By William A. Holman, Edward R. Teitel, and Silviu Itescu

Chapter 3:  Engineering Concepts in the Design of Mechanical Circulatory Support
By James F. Antaki, Victor Piorier, and Francis D. Pagani

Chapter 4:  Positive Displacement Ventricular Assist Devices
By J. Donald Hill, David F. Farrar, Yoshifumi Naka, Jonathen M. Chen, Peer M. Portner, and Daniel Loisance

Chapter 5:  Rotary Ventricular Assist Devices
By Daniel Goldstein, Mark Zucker, Francis D. Pagani, and O.H. Frazier

Chapter 6:  Total Artificial Hearts
By Jack G. Copeland, Robert D. Dowling, and Pei H. Tsau

Chapter 7:  Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support
By Elizabeth D. Blume and Brian W. Duncan

Chapter 8:  Outcomes After Mechanical Circulatory Support
By William A. Holman and James K. Kirklin

Chapter 9:  Myocardial Recovery Following Prolonged Mechanical Support
By Guillermo Torre-Amione and Matthias Loebe

Chapter 10:  Permanent Mechanical Circulatory Support
By Mark S. Slaughter and Mario C. Deng

Chapter 11:  The Evolving Role of Mechanical Circulatory Support in Advanced Heart Failure
By Lynne Warner Stevenson

Chapter 12:  Emerging Left Ventricular Assist Devices
By Leonard A.R. Golding, Ali El-Banayosy, Robert L. Kormos, David J. Farrar, Christof Schmid, Jal S. Jassawalla, Phillip J. Miller, Vigneshwar Kasirajan, John Woodard, and Donald S. Esmore