Past Journal Watches



Anesthesiology & Critical Care – January 2023 (PDF) by Siavosh Saatee, Sachin Mehta, and Rebecca Klingbeil Research & Immunology – March 2023 (PDF) by Sanjeeb Sean Bhattacharya, Lourdes Chacon Alberty, Varinder Kaur Randhawa, and Phyllis Billia Pulmonology – May 2023 (PDF) by Arun Jose, Kavita Dave, Mary Claire Orden, and Justin Rosenheck Nursing & Allied Health – July 2023 (PDF) by Siu Ma, Stephanie Heaton, Yu Wu, and Rosemary Allen Pharmacy – August 2023 (PDF) by Krysta Walter, Ashley Postell, Daryl Nan, and Sarah Farghaly Infectious Diseases – September 2023 (PDF) by Beatrice Sims, Luke Lawrence, and Aaron Mishkin Pathology – October 2023 (PDF) by Nahir Cortes-Santiago, Federica Pezzuto, Alessia Giarraputo, Maja Nackenhorst, and Alexander Wein
Cardiothoracic Surgery – November 2023 (PDF) by Hongsun Kim, Hiroko Nakahama and Divyaam Satija; Editor: Kukbin Choi, MD  


MCS – February 2022 (PDF) by DS Evangelista B and Katia Bravo-Jaimes Cardiology – March 2022 (PDF) by Luis Martinez, Matthew Burrage, and Ran Lee PEDS – June 2022 (PDF) by Elliott Davis, Nicola Ronan, and Ilaria Testa PVD & Critical Care – July 2022 (PDF) by Edward Hong, Sheila Krishnan, and Nicole Ruopp NAH – September 2022 (PDF) by Quin Denfeld, Katrine Rolid and Melissa Sanchez MCS & Pharmacy – October 2022 (PDF) by Erik Henricksen, Rosalind Wyatt and Zahra Irshad
LFTX & CT Surgery – November 2022 (PDF) by Laura DiChiacchio, J. Sam Meyer and Vasudev B. Pai ID and PVD – December 2022 (PDF) by Catherine-Audrey Boutin, Emily Eichenberger and Mrinalini Krishnan  


CT Surgery & HTX – February 2021 (PDF) by Gilbert Orús and Aditi Singhvi
CTEPH & PAH – March 2021 (PDF) by Sheila Krishnan and Sarah Medrek
PEDS MCS – June 2021 (PDF) by Shahnawaz Amdani, Neha Bansal, and Kyle Hope Acute HF & HTX – July 2021 (PDF) by Paola Morejon and Anna Kydd MCS – October 2021 (PDF) by Jennifer Pavone, Anju Bardwhaj, Russell Perkins, and Katherine Milley ID & HTX – November 2021 (PDF) by Rebecca Kumar, Rachel Sigler, and Sonya Trinh LTX – December 2021 (PDF) by Prangthip Charoenpong, Anh Nguyen, and Vicky Gerovasili  


PEDS – January 2020 (PDF) by Kyle Hope and Ann Punnoose
LTX – February 2020 (PDF) Amir Emtiazjoo and Sheila Krishnan
MCS – March 2020 (PDF) Georgina Waldman and Kwadwo Amankwa
MCS – June 2020 (PDF) by Dalila Masic and Tara Veasey
LTX – November 2020 (PDF) by Caroline Patterson
ID & MCS – December 2020 (PDF) by Jonathan Hand, Nancy Law, Sonya Trinh, and Veronique Verplancke


MCS – September 2019 (PDF) by Marty Tam and Kiran Mirza
LFTX – October 2019 (PDF) by Caroline Patterson and C.T. Gan
HFTX – November 2019 (PDF) by Jamila Kremer
MCS – December 2019 (PDF) by Van-Khue Ton


MCS – January 2018 Summary (PDF) by Maria D. Avila, MD, FACC
BSTR – February 2018 Review (PDF) by Mary Porteous
BSTR – June 2018 Review (PDF) by Ronald D. Bazter
April 2018 Summary (PDF) by Philipp Angleitner and Andreas Zuckermann


HFTX – January 2017 Summary (PDF) by Brian Clarke
MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Hanan B. AlBackr
HFTX – February 2017 Summary (PDF) by Jignesh Patel
HFTX – March 2017 Summary (PDF) by Dolly B. Tyan and Vlad Cotarlan (Special Theme Issue: C1q Antibodies in Thoracic Transplantation)
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Van-Khue Ton
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Van-Khue Ton
HFTX – August 2017 Summary (PDF) by Luciano Potena
HFTX – September 2017 Summary (PDF) by Agnieszka Ciarka
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Hannah Copeland
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Margarita Peradejordi Lastras
BSTR – November 2017 Review (PDF) by Hrishikesh Kulkarni
HFTX – November 2017 Summary (PDF) by Tor Clemmensen and David Baran
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Abbas Bitar
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Gillian Grafton


BSTR – January 2016 Review (PDF) by Dan Chambers
HFTX – January 2016 Summary (PDF) by Kim Anderson and Nancy Reinsmoen (Special Theme Issue: Non-HLA Antibodies in Thoracic)
BSTR – February 2016 Review (PDF) by Ivan Robbins
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Anique Ducharme
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Mrudula Munagal
BSTR – March 2016 Review (PDF) by Julien Guihaire
BSTR – April 2016 Review (PDF) by Elie Fadel
MCS – April Pediatric MCS Review by Michael Carboni and Angela Lorts
BSTR – May 2016 Review (PDF) by Dong Wang
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Kruti Pandya
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Keshava Rajagopal
BSTR – June 2016 Review (PDF) by Simon Pecha
MCS – June Summary (PDF) by Kim Anderson and Farooq Sheikh
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Jorge Silva Enciso
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Alexander Bernhardt
MCS – August Pediatric MCS Review by Michelle Ploutz
MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Jonathan Grinstein
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Deepak Acharya
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Renzo Y. Loyaga-Rendon
BSTR – November 2016 Review (PDF) by Nicole Casciello & Jill Krisl
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Renzo Y. Loyaga-Rendon
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by Mohammad Alshammri


HFTX – January 2015 Summary (PDF) by Burhan Mohamedali and Rajeev Mohan
MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Hassan Alhosaini
MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Markus Wilhelm
HFTX – February 2015 Summary (PDF) by Salil Deo and Kruti Pandya
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Christopher Chien
HFTX – March 2015 Summary (PDF) by Jaime Hernandez Montfort and Sharon Hunt (Special Theme Issue: Classic Articles in Heart Transplantation)
MCS – March Summary (PDF) by Guy MacGowan
MCS – April Summary (PDF) by Jennifer Conway
HFTX – April 2015 Summary (PDF) by Lynn Punnoose and David Baran
MCS – April Summary (PDF) by Maria Frigerio
HFTX – May 2015 Summary (PDF) by Melissa Smallfield and Lars Gullestad
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Kavitha Muthiah
HFTX – June 2015 Summary (PDF) by Shriprasad Deshpande and Shawn West
MCS – June Summary (PDF) by Ashwin Ravichandran
HFTX – July 2015 Summary (PDF) by Palak Shah and Jack Copeland
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Nandini Nair
HFTX – August 2015 Summary (PDF) by Feras Khaliel and Andrew Kao (Special Theme Issue: Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation)
HFTX – September 2015 Summary (PDF) by Mustafa Ahmed
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Agnieszka Ciarka
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Hima Vidula
HFTX – October 2015 Summary (PDF) by Anique Ducharme and Gautam Ramani
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Jaime Hernandez-Montfort
BSTR – October 2015 Review (PDF) by Ramin Beygui
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Marian Urban
HFTX – November 2015 Summary (PDF) by Kruti Pandya and Jose Nativi-Nicolau
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by William Stansfield
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Mahazarin Ginwalla
BSTR – December 2015 Review (PDF) by John Squiers, Brian Lima, and Michael DiMaio
MCS – 2015 Year in Review Summary (PDF) by Jose Nativi-Nicolau
MCS – 2015 Year in Review Summary (PDF) by Jan Schmitto


MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Umraan Ahmad
MCS – January Summary (PDF) by Patricia Campbell
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Hirsch S. Mehta
MCS – February Summary (PDF) by Nandan K. Mondal
MCS – March Summary (PDF) by Daniel Sims and Rita Jermyn
MCS – March Summary (PDF) by Simon Maltais
MCS – April Summary (PDF) by  Kambiz Ghafourian
MCS – April Summary (PDF) by Andrew Kao
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Michael Bowdish
MCS – May Summary (PDF) by Angela Lorts
MCS – June Summary (PDF) by Hoong Sern Lim
MCS – June Summary (PDF) by Jose Nativi-Nicolau
MCS – July Summary (PDF) by Pamela Combs
MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Nicolas Brozzi
MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Ajay Srivastava
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Palak Shah
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Mustafa Sirlak
HFTX – November 2014 Summary (PDF) by Jared Herr and Michael Pham
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Vlad Cotarlan
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Bryan Whitson
HFTX – December 2014 Summary (PDF) by Tarun Dasari and Nandini Nair
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by Shane LaRue
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by Brent Lampert


MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Jay Pal
MCS – August Summary (PDF) by Melana Yuzefpolskaya
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Alexander Bernhardt
MCS – September Summary (PDF) by Shri Deshpande
MCS – October Summary (PDF) by Diyar Saeed
MCS – November Summary (PDF) by Jose Gonzalez-Costello
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by Jay Bhama
MCS – December Summary (PDF) by John Entwistle