All ISHLT members who list their professional specialty as Pathology will automatically be members of the Pathology Professional Community. Pathology Professional Community members will engage and share knowledge and information with each other via the online Pathology Community in ISHLTConnect and will help ISHLT maintain its vibrant and unique multidisciplinary character by:
  • Electing pathology representatives to the relevant Interdisciplinary Networks (AHFTX, PVD, ALFTX)
  • Electing a pathology representative to the Early Career and Trainee Committee
  • Providing a pathologist's voice in the Leadership Advisory Forum
  • Providing pathology content experts to participate in developing and delivering ISHLT’s programs and services and serving in other volunteer capacities
  • Networking with pathology colleagues and engage with each other regarding pathology issues of interest
  • Mentoring pathologists in the early stages of their career
  • Welcoming new pathology members into the Society
  • Identifying pathology interests and bringing them to the Interdisciplinary Networks and the Leadership Advisory Forum for consideration
See Also: Interdisciplinary Networks, Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committees, Early Career and Trainee Committee, and Leadership Advisory Forum

Below you will find the pathology representatives to the various Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committees and the Early Career and Trainee Committee:

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Anja Roden MD (2024)

Professional Community Chair / Representative to PVD (PAH and CTEPH) Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committee

Mayo Clinic Rochester
Rochester, MN, USA
Greg Fishbein MD (2024)

Representative to AHFTX Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committee

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Fiorella Calabrese MD (2024)

Representative to ALFTX Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committee

Univ of Padova
Padova, Italy
Oksana Volod (2024)

Representative to MCS Interdisciplinary Network Steering Committee

Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Federica Pezzuto (2026)

Representative to Early Career and Trainee Committee

University of Padova
Padova, Italy
Annalisa Angelini MD (2024)

Representative to Leadership Advisory Forum

University of Padua
Padova, Italy