Membership Renewal Instructions

How to Renew

  1. Log in here or by clicking the "Renew Membership" button below.
  2. Update your membership profile information and click Save. (Be sure to click the checkbox to confirm your information is correct.)
  3. If you are not redirected to the Overview tab of your profile, click the first tab on your profile to navigate there.
  4. Click “Make Payment” under Pay Open Balances and complete the payment process in order to renew your membership dues.
renew membership

Should you need to print your dues renewal invoice...

Follow steps 1 and 2 of the renewal process above and then:
  1. Select the ‘Invoices/Purchases’ tab
  2. Select ‘Recent Orders’ from the left side pane
  3. Select ‘View’ on the invoice you’d like to print
  4. Click on the blue print button in the lower right-hand corner to print

Be sure to renew annually by 31 December in order to remain a member in good standing.