ISHLT's Commitment to Education

Education is a key component of the ISHLT mission statement. ISHLT has assumed a prominent role in postgraduate training and education related to advanced heart and lung failure and mechanical circulatory support, and the scope of our mandate is still evolving. Success in this sphere primarily depends on our understanding of the changing needs of "learners" in this field so that the learning opportunities we develop are representative of the membership's needs.

In the multidisciplinary context of ISHLT, professional education is seen as a lifelong endeavor. Post-graduate professional development requires intrinsic individual motivation and external provision of learning opportunities by expert interest groups such as ISHLT. ISHLT has the expertise and means to advance foundational knowledge, practitioner skills, and other scientific professional domains.

Educational gaps exist in the provision of postgraduate training for specialties related to our field. The need for dedicated expert development is evident when we consider the increasing demand for sub-specialization in many countries. Few medical centers have the means to meet the demand for comprehensive teaching beyond the regional or national level. This therefore falls to major professional organizations. The international and multidisciplinary scope of ISHLT allows for this to be a global endeavor.

ISHLT pursues its educational mission via the provision of the below educational activities and resources.