More Lung Transplants, More Ethical Quandaries?

Tuesday, 10 October, 2023  |  2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EDT

This webinar will discuss the current ethical challenges that transplant professionals are facing in the field. As the transplant waitlist and recipient population have changed, the ethical questions and challenges have evolved as well. This webinar will comprise of an overview of the ethical principles behind organ allocation and waitlist prioritization followed by several “current” ethical challenges transplant professionals face in their current practice.

Scientific Program

Selim Arcasoy, MD, MPH
, Columbia University, New York, NY USA
Caroline Patterson, BMBS, BMedSci, MD, Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK

Review of Ethical Principals and other Factors Guiding Lung Allocation Systems
Are Holm, MD, PhD
, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
This presentation will review the main ethical principles and other factors driving lung allocation systems across the world and how these principles have guided and influenced the balance in candidate selection and allocation systems across the world.

How Many Times Can We Try, Redo Transplantation Once or Twice – A Discussion of Ethical Concepts and Challenges Under Different Allocation Systems
Jacob Klapper, MD
, Duke University, Raleigh, NC USA
Re-transplantation remains a high-risk transplantation with lower expected post-transplant survival. However, it has become increasingly commonly used for younger transplant recipients, and large transplant programs have increased experience and improved outcomes following re-transplantation. As the transplant recipient population ages, it has become feasible to conduct a third re-do transplantation in carefully selected patients. This raises unique considerations and ethical questions that will be covered during this presentation.

How Old Can We Go? Transplantation of Older vs. Younger Patients
Luke J. Benvenuto, MD
, Columbia University, New York, NY USA
This presentation will discuss selection criteria of advanced heart failure patients living with HIV for heart transplant and LVAD support, discuss challenges in medical management (i.e. drug interactions / opportunistic infections), and present current mid-long term outcomes.

Patient Consenting For Transplantation When ARDS is the Indication. What Have We Learned During the Covid 19 Pandemic?
Anne Olland, MD, PhD
, University Hospital Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a catastrophic loss of life; however, it also drove the medical field in unique ways. Transplantation for patients who could not formally consent was exceedingly rare and considered highly controversial but became much more common during the pandemic and helped to re-shape the views on the subject. This presentation will detail the ethics, challenges and thought process for consenting in ARDS.

Q&A Discussion with All Speakers
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