Endorsement of Other Organizations' Meetings

ISHLT encourages collaboration with other organizations with the primary goal of advancing research and improving care of patients with advanced heart and lung diseases around the world. Scientific and educational meetings conducted by other organizations may be “Endorsed by the ISHLT”. ISHLT may also conduct “Joint activities” with other organizations. Endorsement or joint activities are required to be in alignment with the mission of ISHLT and in compliance with ISHLT policies.


ISHLT may endorse educational programs presented by other organizations that meet the criteria in this policy. Endorsement allows the requesting organization to use the ISHLT name and logo to support the content of the meeting or educational activity and to inform potential participants that the meeting or activity is supported by the ISHLT.

Joint Activities

Joint activities may take the form of joint symposia conducted as a part of a larger meeting hosted by another organization or at an ISHLT meeting with content developed jointly by both organizations and with participation of ISHLT members.

Program Goals

ISHLT’s primary goals for granting Endorsement to other organization’s educational activities or participating in joint activities are to:
  1. Raise awareness of the available of ISHLT resources within a particular specialty or geographic location.
  2. Maintain or promote ISHLT’s affiliation within particular specialty areas or geographic locations.
  3. Foster collaboration between ISHLT and professional societies around the world, particularly those in countries with emerging economies, limited access to care, or limited professional training opportunities; promote attendance and enhance value to their meetings.
  4. Promote professional development congruent to the mission of the ISHLT, including application of best practices and implementation of ISHLT standards and guidelines.
  5. Promote benefits of ISHLT membership to new prospective members.
  6. Partner with organizations that have expertise that does not exist within ISHLT.

Eligible Program Partners

Programs must comply with ISHLT’s mission to: 1) to improve the care of patients with advanced heart or lung disease through transplantation, mechanical support and innovative therapies or 2) improve access to advanced therapies for end-stage lung or heart disease. ISHLT Endorsement or joint activities are available for qualifying activities conducted by:
  • Nonprofit professional medical societies
  • Governmental agencies/regulatory authorities, national and international NGOs
  • Non-profit, disease/therapy-oriented membership organizations, including patient organizations.
  • ISHLT does not endorse or conduct joint activities that are presented by or affiliated with any commercial entity or healthcare provider or organization or a single institution program.
Organizations seeking ISHLT endorsement of their educational activity are asked to review the ISHLT Education Program Endorsement and Joint Activity Policies, then complete an Application for Endorsement. Applications must be submitted via ISHLT web form at least 90 days prior to the date(s) of the meeting or launch of the activity.