Collaborative Educational Activities Calendar

ISHLT is proud to partner with organizations around the globe to serve as an endorser for their meetings and to develop Joint Symposia. These events allow us to expand our reach, learn from our peers and strengthen our understanding of advanced heart and lung care. Below are the upcoming meetings of other organizations which are endorsed by ISHLT and the Joint Symposia approved by the ISHLT Board of Directors to take place at the meetings of other organizations around the world.

Past Collaborations

2021 Annual Meeting of Indian Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (INSHLT) Endorsed by ISHLT

26-28 November, 2021


Joint Symposium at 28th International Congress of The Transplantation Society (TTS)

Capacity Building in Transplantation: Meeting Challenges Through Global Partnership

13-16 September, 2020

Joint Symposium at 10th Congress of the International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA)

End of Life Does Not Mean End of Care for Children Before and After Thoracic Organ Transplantation

4-7 May, 2019
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sponsored by Pediatric Thoracic Transplantation and Heart Failure Council

7th Annual Conference of Society for Heart Failure and Transplantation (SfHFT) Endorsed by ISHLT

23-25 August, 2019
Mumbai, India


Joint Symposium at Slovenian Society for Heart Transplantation 12th International Symposium: Innovations and New Treatment Strategies in Heart Failure

Precision Medicine in Heart Failure and Transplantation

16 September, 2019
Portoroz, Slovenia

Sponsored by Junior Faculty & Trainee and Heart Failure & Transplantation Councils

2019 Annual Meeting of Indian Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (INSHLT) Endorsed by ISHLT

1-2 October, 2019
New Delhi, India


3rd Biennial Asia Pacific Mechanical Circulatory Support (APAC-MCS) Conference Endorsed by ISHLT

18-19 October, 2019


Joint Symposia at International Federation for Artificial Organs (IFAO) and Japanese Society for Artificial Organs (JSAO) Joint Congress

IFAO-ISHLT Joint Symposium

12-15 November
Osaka, Japan

Sponsored by Mechanical Circulatory Support Council

Joint Symposia at CONAREC (Consejo Argentino de Residentes de Cardiologia (CONREC) Jornadas Interresidencias)

*Trends and Transitions in Advanced Heart Failure, Mechanical Circulatory Support and Heart Transplantation

21-23 November, 2019
Cordoba, Argentina

Sponsored by Junior Faculty & Trainees Council

Joint Symposium at Society of Thoracic Surgeons 56th Annual Meeting

25-28 January, 2020
New Orleans, LA, USA

Sponsored by Pulmonary Transplantation Council

Joint Symposium at 23rd Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR)

*Cardiac Imaging for Optimal Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation Therapy: Toolbox or Pandora's Box?

12-15 February, 2020
Orlando, FL, USA

Sponsored by Heart Failure and Transplantation Council

  *These are the current working joint symposium titles and are subject to change