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Focusing on Council Report Summaries

From the 33rd ISHLT Annual Meeting, April 24-27, 2013, Montréal

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Vincent's Two Cents

Don't you just get the sense that it makes good sense, as we did last year since the 32nd Annual Meeting in Prague was a smashing success, to give a few cents more for pause and reflection on the 2013 33rd Annual meeting in Montréal. Perhaps some will disagree or could be on the fence but at least I'm convinced—please call me Vincent, not Vince—and take no offense that this meeting was the most successful ISHLT meeting in my lifetime, or at least the lifespan of the ISHLT. We must pay, but at whose expense, a special tribute—more than two cents—to David Taylor and Allan Glanville for a job very well done.

But the monstrous success in Montréal would have never been possible without the hard work of all of you. Your synergy and energy through your councils and other committees convincingly contributed to the orchestration of this well planned event. Of course, we cannot leave out any laudatory remarks for the fabulous five: Amanda, Lisa, Phyllis, Lee Ann and Susie, the heart and soul or rather the heart and lungs of the ISHLT. Now I leave you in suspense with no defense of what's yet to come as we "charge" with intense attention to the home of the Padres and a haven of biotechnology for ISHLT 2014 in beautiful San Diego, California.

Focus Articles

links image  Basic Science & Translational Research Year in Review, by Kimberly Gandy

links imagelinks image  ID Council Year of Accomplishments, by Lara Danziger-Isakov

links image  Junior Faculty & Trainee Council Year in Review, by Jennifer Cowger

links image  Mechanical Circulatory Support Council Year in Review, by Jeff Teuteberg

links image  Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health Council Report, by Annemarie Kaan

links image  Pediatric Council Report 2012-2013, by Melanie Everitt

links image  Scientific Council on Pharmacy and Pharmacology Year in Review, by Christopher Ensor

links image  Pulmonary Hypertension Council Year in Review, by Robert Frantz

links image  Pulmonary Transplantation Council Year in Review, by David Weill

Special Interest:

links image  ACC 2013: Highlights of Interest to ISHLT Members, by Eugene DePasquale, Richard Cheng and Leigh Reardon

links image  2014 Call for Symposium Proposals, by Jason Christie

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