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On behalf the Managing Editors of the ISHLT Links, we welcome you to this final edition of Volume 6 before we head for France. See you at the 35th Annual Meeting in Nice. Bienvenue.

Vincent Valentine, MD
Links Editor-in-Chief


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Welcome to Nice!

Hermann Reichenspurner, MD, PhD

I cannot believe that my time as President of the ISHLT is almost over. We are almost finished with the preparations for our Annual Meeting in Nice, which will be one of the best and memorable ones ever! At this point, I really have to thank the Program Chair, Andreas Zuckermann, M.D., for his excellent job, his persistence and his absolute reliability. I really had a lot of fun with such a great cooperation partner in the planning of this exciting meeting! In addition, of course, I want to thank the ISHLT staff and specially Amanda Rowe, Susie Newton and Lisa Edwards for their time and effort in preparing our annual conference, despite the fact that the organizers added quite a few new components and features (you will be surprised!). Read more →


ISHLT 2015 Goes Digital

ISHLT has gone Digital for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Nice! Use the Mobile App or the online Program Planner to browse sessions by day or type, build your personal daily schedule, recieve reminders and updates, personalize the event program and take notes, all through the convenience of your phone or tablet. You can also download the Final Program Ebook to all of your personal devices and flip through the pages to read session information, view abstract titles, check meeting times, dates, and locations, and more! Read more →

Mind your P's and PR's for the French Riviera with Elegance and Style: It's Your Presentation

Vincent Valentine, MD

Allan Glanville, MBBS, MD, FRACP

John Dark, MB, FRCS

There were the PRs for all in Prague and Montreal and last year, we encouraged you to let your presentation Purr in San Diego.

This year it is time again to prepare to deliver a good speech or make a great presentation, let's again refer to the January 2012 ISHLT Links, Issue 8, Volume 3, On Teaching and Learning. From this article, take note of the following points: 1) the one who learns the most while sharing knowledge is the teacher or presenter, and 2) when teaching, presenting your poster, delivering your lecture, or writing your paper, you should ask yourself, "What do I want the intended audience to know five years from now?" Read more →

Get More Out of the Meeting with Tweeting! Use hashtag: #ISHLT2015

Naomi Rios

links imageThe modern way to stay connected at the 2015 ISHLT Annual Meeting is to follow us on Twitter - the online social network that connects you to news, stories, pictures and conversations that you'll find interesting.

Why Twitter?
Twitter allows you to use 140 characters to put down your thoughts in a message. It also lets you follow other Twitter users, and retweet interesting content. You can begin conversations with other users by typing their Twitter handle (person's user name) for example, @person. We highly encourage you to join our online conversations as we keep you up-to-date with the latest news, meeting information and events taking place at this year's meeting. Read more →

Things to See and Do in Nice

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After a long winter, it's time to shed some layers and replenish your vitamin D intake. Glorious sunshine, ocean breezes, and stunning scenery are calling from Nice, and we're inviting you to answer the call! Celebrate the season with us at the ISHLT 2015 Annual Meeting in Nice, France! Read more →

ISHLT News and Announcements

Call for ISHLT 2016 Symposium Proposals

Andrew J. Fisher, FRCP, PhD

Even though the 35th Annual Meeting in Nice, France, is just around the corner, it is already time to start developing content for the ISHLT 36th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessionsto be held in Washington, DC, USA, April 27-30, 2016. As program chair for the 2016 meeting, I encourage you to submit ideas for pre-meeting and sunrise symposia and/or invited Plenary talks. Although, well worked complete symposia proposals are preferred, we welcome suggestions for potential plenary speakers from outside the transplant community who might deliver an excellent presentation with widespread appeal to members. Read more →


Thoughts on Nice and Reflections on the Future of Our Society

Roger W. Evans, PhD

links imageNice, France. It looks like a really nice place to be this time of year.

Unfortunately, it's been another long hard winter up here - North that is - where I live. Although it's not been as bad as last year, it's nonetheless been pretty unpleasant. Day after day, the temperature has hovered around zero or below and, even still, the snow flies. People think it's too cold to snow. Not really. There are signs of spring, but we've had a few setbacks. We went over to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a bull riding event on March 13th. It was 70+ degrees. A week later we received 10 inches of snow - depressing for even the heartiest Minnesotans. Read more →


Vincent G Valentine, MD

Editorial Staff

"When the past no longer illuminates the future,
the spirit walks in darkness

— Alexis de Tocqueville

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