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2013 Recipients of the
ISHLT Leach-Abramson-Imhoff Links Travel Awards

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Photo credit: © Roger Rinfret, Old and New

The ISHLT Leach-Abramson-Imhoff Links Travel Awards, funded in part by the generous support from W.O. and Joan Leach (Gadsden, Alabama, USA), Mrs. Sue Abramson (Birmingham, Alabama, USA) and Mr. Larry Imhoff (La Place, Louisiana, USA), were created to support the growth and development of our future leaders from within our society including physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. Those motivated enough with investigation, communication, and dissemination of new ideas for the betterment of patients with failing lungs and/or a failing heart including such conditions as pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, pulmonary hypertension, and from ischemic, nonischemic to congenital heart diseases should be awarded for their efforts.

Eligibility requirements include

  1. Any healthcare professional including but not limited to nurses, nurse coordinators, social workers, pharmacists, therapists, dietitians and early career physicians are eligible and must be a member of the ISHLT regardless of duration in their career.
  2. An imposed restriction on physicians is that they must be in their Early Career—within 7 years of training, Assistant Professor equivalent, or junior faculty level with rare exceptions.
  3. Individuals must display some form of research interest, basic, clinical, translational or outcomes investigations or at a minimum display some skill in journalism best exemplified by their contributions to the Links Newsletter engendering fresh and creative ideas.

Each year, the winners are selected from a pool of nominees by the ISHLT Links Travel Award Committee (LTAC). This committee includes the following individuals: the Links Editor-in-Chief, ISHLT Executive Director, ISHLT President, ISHLT Program Chair, and the Links Managing Editor. This year's recipients were selected by the LTAC and approved by the ISHLT Board of Directors. Please join me in congratulating the winners of the 2012 ISHLT Leach-Abramson-Imhoff Links Travel Awards.

Writer of the Year: $2,500

links imageMichele Estabrook, MD
St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

As co-liaison of the Communications Workforce of the ISHLT Infectious Diseases Council, Dr. Estabrook contributed many outstanding articles in 2012 as well as helped solicit and coordinate content for the September 2012 issue which focused on Infectious Diseases. Her contributions included Kids and Germs, Forever the Twain Shall Meet, Even After Transplant (April 2012), Let's Talk About ... Diarrhea (August 2012), What IS up with whooping cough these days? (December 2012), as well as Infectious Disease Highlights from Prague and News From the ID Council: Where We've Been and Where We're Going both co-authored with Macé Schuurmans. With a refreshing and imaginative style, Dr. Estabrook enlightens us on the infectious disease issues affecting our vulnerable transplant community.

First Runner-Up: $1,000

links imageMelanie Everitt, MD
Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

As this year's ISHLT Pediatric Transplantation Council Chair, Dr. Everitt knocked it out of the park with her clever Council updates! Who could forget Who's on First? Pediatric Transplant Council Report (June 2012), announcing the 2012-2013 PEDS Council team roster complete with a run-down of the Council's activities and game plan. Of course that's not all. She also provided these numbers: Pediatric Council Update: Who the Heck Cares? (November 2012), Helpful Tips for Traveling with Medications: Information for You and Your Patients (April 2012) co-authored with Sabrina Boehme, generated enthusiasm for the Prague meeting with ISHLT 2012: Pediatric Transplantation Program Highlights (April 2012), and provided a summary of Pediatric Transplantation Highlights from Prague (May 2012) co-authored with Beth Kaufman and Chris Benden.

links imageChristina Migliore, MD
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA

As Communications Liaison for the Junior Faculty and Trainee Council, Dr. Migliore was instrumental in soliciting and coordinating contributions for the very popular October 2012 Links issue which focused on content targeting our junior faculty members. In addition, she provided some impressive contributions of her own, including Internship to Attending: Choosing a Road Less Traveled (March 2012), JFTC Year in Review: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? (June 2012), and two articles for the October 2012 issue: Decisions Decisions Decisions: Choosing a Research Project (and other difficult dilemmas) and The Story Behind Oktoberfest (anyone else miss that great Czech beer?).

Honorable Mention: $500

links imageVeronica Franco, MD
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

With imagination and enthusiasm, Dr. Franco provided us with winning contributions on the topic of Pulmonary Hypertension, including Is It a Horse or a Zebra? Pulmonary Hypertension Council Year-in-Review (June 2012) and Chasing Zebras: Pulmonary Hypertension World Symposiums (July 2012). As Communications Liaison for the PH Council, she helped to solicit the PH content for the July 2012 Links issue which focused on Pulmonary Hypertension and Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

links imageManreet Kanwar, MD
Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

In addition to her role as Vice Chair of the Junior Faculty & Trainees Council, Dr. Kanwar spent time writing for the Links, providing a resourceful article for the October 2012 issue titled, Light at the End of the Tunnel: How to Find Your Dream Job which generated numerous hits from readers worldwide. She even convinced her sister, Manpreet, to contribute a beautiful poem titled, Thunder, enhancing the artistic aspect of the Links.

links imageLuciano Potena, MD, PhD
University of Bologna, Bologna, ITALY

We are not sure if Dr. Potena ever sleeps. He must at some point, but we're not sure when he ever finds the time, since his "spare" time always finds him working on some task or another for the ISHLT, for which we are eternally grateful. When he is not busy with Program Committee planning, Dr. Potena somehow finds time to solicit, collect, coordinate and write content for the Links. His contributions include a February 2012 article: Are We Still Talking About CMV? (co-authored with Stanley Martin and Vincent Valentine), the September 2012 In The Spotlight article: CMV and Beyond: Challenges and Hopes of a Young European Scientist, and two December 2012 articles: The Changing Landscape in Heart Donors' Epidemiology: Evolutionary Strategies to Avoid Extinction of the European Heart Transplant Recipient (co-authored with Steven Tsui and Laurent Sebbag), and Networking and Shared Quality Standards Over National Borders: A European Roadmap to Improve Organ Retrieval, an Interview with Alessandro Nanni Costa.

links imageMacé Schuurmans, MD
University Hospital Zurich, Zurich, SWITZERLAND

As co-liaison of the Communications Workforce of the ISHLT Infectious Diseases Council (with Michele Estabrook), Dr. Schuurmans regularly contributes worthy articles of great interest to the ISHLT membership. He also helped to solicit and coordinate content for the September 2012 issue focusing on Infectious Diseases. Among his contributions are Infectious Disease Highlights from Prague (May 2012) and News From the ID Council: Where We've Been and Where We're Going (June 2012) both co-authored with Michele Estabrook, Oral Ribavirin for Paramyxovirus Infections in Lung Transplant Recipients? (July 2012), Seven Critical Sins (October 2012), and an article in this month's newsletter: Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Responses in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: Variable Responses.

links imageJeff Teuteberg, MD
University of Pittsburgh/Presbyterian, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Yet another eager, hard-working volunteer for the ISHLT, Dr. Teuteberg serves as MCS Council Chair and, in his "spare" time, writer and supporter of the Links. He is always willing to assist in the solicitation of MCS content, and provided us with Mechanical Circulatory Support Highlights from Prague (May 2012), ATC 2012: Cardiac Transplantation Highlights (August 2012), In the Spotlight: ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Mechanical Circulatory Support (December 2012) co-authored by Daniel Goldstein, Andreas Zuckermann, David Feldman and Salpy Pamboukian, and the 2013 ISHLT Guidelines for Mechanical Circulatory Support announcements in December 2012 and January 2013 (co-authored with Salpy Pamboukian and David Feldman). Let's try to keep him busier in 2013.