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The ISHLT 33rd Annual Meeting in
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April 24-27, 2013, Palais des congrès de Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Vincent's 1/100th of a Toonie

It's set! The ISHLT Annual Meeting in Montréal will be memorable. There are ten facts about Montréal, highlights from the Junior Faculty and Trainees, Session Highlights, Special Interests, PR, French and French Cuisine. And yes, just when you were sick of the incomparable Twain—Twain was in Montréal, too!

Twain on Montreal - "This is the first time I was ever in a city where you couldn't throw a brick without breaking a church window."

À bientôt!

Bienvenue à la #ISHLT2013!

♦  Tweeting at the Meeting! by Stephen Chavez

Parlez vous Français? No? Then maybe you can tweet! Stay connected at the ISHLT Annual Meeting this year by joining the online conversation. Tweet your reactions, comments, and interesting things you learn throughout the daily sessions at the Annual Meeting.

ISHLT Annual Meeting Mobile App and eBook available this year!

For the first time, ISHLT will be providing a free mobile app for the annual meeting for all Android and Apple phones and tablets, as well as a web version for those who do not have compatible devices. ISHLT will also be providing the Final Program as an eBook.

Available April 10th at

♦  Highlights for Junior Faculty & Trainees by Pali Shah

New to the ISHLT Annual Meeting? Here's how you can bénéficier le plus from this year's meeting experience and engage in ISHLT activities focused on our jeunes membres!

♦  Abstract Session Highlights from the 2013 Program Committee

Learn what's très chaud at this year's meeting in basic science and translational research, heart failure and transplantation, infectious diseases, mechanical circulatory support, nursing, health sciences and allied health, pediatric transplantation, pharmacy and pharmacology, pulmonary hypertension, and pulmonary transplantion.

♦  PRocrastination, PReparation, PRactice, PResentation: The PRs for all in Montréal by Vincent Valentine, Allan Glanville, and John Dark

Presenting at the meeting? Then this article is for you! Offering les choses à faire et ne pas faire—the do's and don'ts—on preparing and presenting a great lecture.

♦  More Annual Meeting Resources & Information

Beaucoup d'information on viewing all of the accepted abstracts online, presenting in Montréal, Wifi gratuit, hôtel questions, and links to past Annual Meeting Spotlight articles.

♦  Montréal Fun Facts

Regarder la grande ville de Montréal! Read what this great city has to offer, including some not-so-common historical facts, as well as links to venues and exciting attractions touristiques.


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Addie and Buster, our ISHLT Puppies

Special Interest:

♦  Journey to the Other Side, Part 2 by Stewart Howard

This is part two of the inspirational story of a double lung transplant recipient who shared his experience with us in the March issue last month.

♦  ATS Course on Lung Transplantation Available This Year by Keith Meyer and Scott Palmer

Highlighting an ATS postgraduate course on "Evolving Concepts in Lung Transplantation" offered on Saturday, May 18, Philadelphia.

News & Announcements:

♦  I2C2: Ambassadors Wanted! by Stephen C Clark

Find out how you can get involved with this committee and connect ISHLT to the issues important to you and your geographic area.

♦  IMACS Update by Jim Kirklin

The IMACS staff has diligently carried out plans to provide an innovative exhibit booth that will provide a live demonstration of the IMACS Registry at the ISHLT Annual Meeting in Montréal. Sign up today!


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