Exporting ISHLT Data

  1. Begin your ISHLT session. (See Accessing the ISHLT Transplant Registry.)

  2. Click the link at the top of the ISHLT main page.  

  3. The Import/Export page will display.  Select Export.  Then select the Provider Number and Record Type.  You may enter a Short Description of the file in the space displayed at the bottom of the page to help you identify the file you export.  When you have finished, click the Export button.

  1. A message will display indicating that you successfully exported your file.

  1. Click the View Exported Files List link to access the exported file. Then right click the File Name link and choose Save Target As from the menu.  Save the file to your computer or the location of your choice.

  1. A list of files that have been exported will remain on the page for future reference. After the file is no longer needed, it may be deleted by checking the Delete box and clicking the Delete button.