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The ISHLT International Registry for Heart and Lung Transplantation was established to provide on-going up-to-date information on the thoracic organ transplant experience around the world. This Registry is the only one of its kind. Every country performing on-going heart and lung transplantation is invited to contribute their data for inclusion in the Registry. Collected statistical information includes outcome data, survival data, and risk factor data segregated into subgroups according to various demographic criteria as well as the type of transplant (heart/heart-lung/lung). Slides depicting the collected data are produced each year and may be used by you in presentations, reports, studies, etc.

We are pleased to provide the Registry data graphs and charts on the ISHLT web site free of charge as a Power Point file. This enables you to use the data in electronic computer presentations and also enables you have hard copy slides made of only those Registry data graphs and charts that you are interested in. You will have to have a copy of the Power Point software on your system in order to use the file. Double clicking on any slide when open in Power Point will display the slide's data table.

2017 Slides

The slides have been divided into ten separate sets, listed below. You can download whichever sets are of interest to you.

Introduction/General Statistics *

Overall Heart Transplantation Statistics *

Overall Lung Transplantation Statistics *

Overall Heart/Lung Transplantation Statistics *

Adult Heart Transplantation Statistics *

Adult Lung Transplantation Statistics *

Adult Heart/Lung Transplantation Statistics *

Pediatric Heart Transplantation Statistics *

Pediatric Lung Transplantation Statistics *

Pediatric Heart/Lung Transplantation Statistics *

Right click on PowerPoint File of your choice and choose "Save Target As..." to download to your computer. Save the file in the directory of your choice.  Open using Microsoft PowerPoint Software.

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