As part of our mission, ISHLT engages in the regular development of guidelines, consensus documents, standards statements, and policy statements regarding end-stage heart disease, end-stage lung disease, heart transplantation, and lung transplantation. A complete list of these documents that ISHLT has published, co-authored, and/or endorsed is listed below, organized by date of publication. Free access to the full text of most of the below documents is available by clicking on the titles.

ISHLT Standards and Guidelines Development Protocol PDF  This is the document which all ISHLT-developed standards and guidelines are required to follow.
ISHLT Policies Regarding the Development of Guidelines Jointly with Other Organizations PDF
Visit the Standards & Guidelines Committee webpage for more information on the ISHLT standards & guidelines leadership.

ISHLT Statement on Transplant Ethics PDF (updated 19 Oct, 2014)

ISHLT Position on the Trafficking of Donor Organs:
Tales from the Organ Trade and similar documentaries are reminders that organ trafficking remains an important international problem. In line with the above ISHLT Statement on Transplant Ethics and in concert with other national and international transplantation societies, the ISHLT strongly and emphatically endorses the Declaration of Istanbul which seeks to abolish the illegal and immoral trade in donor organs which is supported in part by so called “transplant tourism”. As a corollary of which,  the Society values and supports every effort to improve the availability of donor organs by legitimate process thereby providing community access to these life sustaining therapies.

  • 2013 ISHLT Guidelines for Mechanical Circulatory Support. (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2013;32:157-187).

  • A 2010 Working Formulation for the Standardization of Definitions of Infections in Cardiothoracic Transplant Recipients. (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2011;30:361-374).
  • Working Formulation for the Standardization of Definitions of Infections in Patients Using Ventricular Assist Devices. (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2011;30:375-384).

  • The ISHLT Guidelines For The Care Of Heart Transplant Recipients (Guidelines) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2010;29(8):914-956)
  • ACCF / AHA / ACP / HFSA / ISHLT 2010 Clinical Competence Statement on Management of Patients With Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant (Standards Statement) (J Am Coll Cardiol 2010;56(5):424-453)
  • ISHLT working formulation of a standardized nomenclature for cardiac allograft vasculopathy (Standards Statement) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2010;29(7):717-727)
  • ISHLT Conflict Of Interest Final Policy (Policy Statement) (International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT)
    Principles, Policies, and Process Related to Conflict-of-Interest (COI)
    (Adopted July 23, 2009)
    (Revised December 13, 2009)
    (Revised July 20, 2010)


  • ISHLT Statement on Transplant Ethics (Policy Statement) (Approved by ISHLT Board 28 April 2007)

  • ISHLT Guidelines for the Care of Cardiac Transplant Candidates—2006:

    • Rationale and Process (Guidelines) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2006;25(9):1001-1002)
    • Optimal Pharmacologic and Non-pharmacologic Management of Cardiac Transplant Candidates: Approaches to Be Considered Prior to Transplant Evaluation (Guidelines) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2006;25(9):1003-1023)
    • Listing Criteria for Heart Transplantation (Guidelines) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2006;25(9):1024-1042)
    • Heart Rhythm Considerations in Heart Transplant Candidates and Considerations for Ventricular Assist Devices (Guidelines) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2006;25(9):1043-1056)
  • International Guidelines for the Selection of Lung Transplant Candidates: 2006 Update—A Consensus Report from the ISHLT Pulmonary Scientific Council (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2006;25(7):745-755)
  • Report of the Psychosocial Outcomes Workgroup of the Nursing and Social Sciences Council of the ISHLT: Present Status of Research on Psychosocial Outcomes in Cardiothoracic Transplantation: Review and Recommendations for the Field (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2006;25(6):716-725)

  • Revision of the 1990 Working Formulation for the Standardization of Nomenclature in the Diagnosis of Heart Rejection (Standards Statement) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2005;24(11);1710-1720)
  • Report of the ISHLT Working Group on Primary Lung Graft Dysfunction:

    • Part I: Introduction and Methods (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2005;24(10):1451-1453)
    • Part II: Definition. A Consensus Statement of the ISHLT (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2005;24(10):1454-1459)
    • Part III: Donor Related Risk Factors and Markers (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2005;24(10):1460-1467)
    • Part IV: Recipient-Related Risk Factors and Markers (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2005;24(10):1468-1482)
    • Part V: Predictors and Outcomes (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2005;24(10):1483-1488)
    • Part VI: Treatment (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2005;24(10):1489-1500)

  • ISHLT: Practice Guidelines for Management of Heart Failure in Children (Guidelines) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2004;23(12):1313-1333)

  • A Review of Lung Transplant Donor Acceptability Criteria (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2003;22(11):1183-1200)
  • Destination Mechanical Circulatory Support: Proposal for Clinical Standards (Standards Statement) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2003;22(4):365-369)

  • Maximizing Use of Organs Recovered from the Cadaver Donor: Cardiac Recommendations (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2002;21(11):1153-1160)
  • Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome 2001: an Update of the Diagnostic Criteria (Consensus Statement) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2002;21(3):297-310)
  • ACC / AHA Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Chronic Heart Failure in the Adult: Executive Summary A Report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines (Committee to Revise the 1995 Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Heart Failure) (Guidelines) (Circulation 2001;104:2996-3007)

  • Report of the Xenotransplantation Advisory Committee of the ISHLT: the Present Status of Xenotransplantation and its Potential Role in the Treatment of End-Stage Cardiac and Pulmonary Diseases (Consensus Document) (J Heart Lung Transplant 2001;19(2):1125-1165)

  • International Guidelines for the Selection of Lung Transplant Candidates (Joint statement of the American Society for Transplant Physicians, the American Thoracic Society, the European Respiratory Society, and the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation) (Consensus Document) (Am J Respir Crit Care Med 1998;158(1):335-339)
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