In order to enhance the Board of Directors' ability to manage the affairs of the Society, the activities of the Society conducted outside the auspices of the Board and Committees shall be divided among the Scientific Councils established by the Board. Each Scientific Council shall be governed by an Operating Board which shall be responsible for the day-to-day application of Board policies and for the implementation of charges to the Council from the Board of Directors, and who shall submit periodic written and oral reports to the Board.

The standing Scientific Councils of the Society are:

Basic Science and Translational Research (BSTR)
New! Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH) - webpage coming soon!
Heart Failure and Transplantation (HFTX)
Infectious Diseases (ID)
Junior Faculty and Trainees (JFTC)
Mechanical Circulatory Support
Nursing, Health Science, and Allied Health
Pediatric Transplantation
Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Pulmonary Hypertension
Pulmonary Transplantation

  • The Board of Directors may establish or discontinue any Council by a majority vote.
  • Each Council shall create those Workforces mandated by the Board of Directors and additional Workforces the Operating Board deems necessary. Each Workforce is responsible for addressing Society and Council activities within their specified area of endeavor. The Leader of each of the Board-mandated Council Workforces shall serve as a member of the respective ISHLT Committee. The various Workforces which are mandated by the Board and are to be maintained within each Council shall include but are not limited to the following:

    * Education Workforce
    * Standards and Guidelines Workforce
    * International and Inter-Society Coordinating Workforce
  • Each Council shall be governed by an Operating Board which shall consist of three officers (a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Past Chair) and the Leader of each Council Workforce.  The Board Liaison will serve as an ex-officio member of the Operating Board and shall be included on all conference calls, meetings, and communications.
  • The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Past Chair shall each serve a two-year term, for a total of 6 years of service in all three positions.
  • The Vice-Chair shall also serve as Secretary.
  • Council Officers may not serve concurrently on the Board of Directors or on any ISHLT Committees.
  • Council Officers may not chair any Council projects, workforces, writing committees, etc. during their terms of office so as to avoid conflicts of interest and so as to be able to provide oversight and guidance to those who are engaged in such projects.  Exceptions are made for Councils with fewer than 50 members.  For such Councils, the Immediate Past Chair may also chair a Council project, Workforce, writing committee, etc., if no other suitable individual can be found.
  • Every other year prior to the Annual Meeting, the members of each Council shall elect one person to fill the position of Vice-Chair of their respective Councils.
  • Should the Vice-Chair be unable to complete his/her term, the Council will conduct an election to select a new Vice-Chair.  Should the Chair be unable to complete his/her term in the first year, the Vice-Chair will serve the remainder of the Chairís term and then serve one additional year as Chair, and an election will be held to elect a new Vice-Chair. Should the Chair be unable to complete his/her term in the second year, the Vice-Chair will serve the remainder of the Chairís term and then serve his/her two-year term as Chair, and an election will be held to elect a new Vice-Chair.

    Council Vice Chair Elections Timeline (PDF)
  • The Leader of each Council Workforces shall be appointed by the Council Officers for three year terms.  Terms shall be staggered across the Councils so that one third of any one Committeeís Council representatives rotates off in a given year and so that all Workforce Leaders do not rotate off the Operating Board in any given year.
  • Workforces may have additional members as deemed necessary by the Council Officers and Workforce Leaders.  Whenever possible, broad geographic representation is to be achieved among a Councilís Workforce Leaders.
  • The Council Chairs shall be responsible for oversight and direction of their respective Council Operating Boards and Workforces and for regular reporting to the Board via the Board Liaison.
  • The Council Chairs shall submit regular written reports to the Board of Directors via the Board Liaison outlining the progress of their respective Councils and Workforces and proposing any desired activities and plans for Board approval and funding.
  • The Council Chairs are authorized to call and preside at meetings of their respective Operating Boards.  Conference calls of the full Operating Board, including the Board Liaison, should be held on a bi-monthly basis at a minimum.
  • Each Council Operating Board is responsible to the ISHLT Board of Directors.
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