Boards & Committees - Standards and Guidelines

(Parentheses after name indicates year rotating off Committee)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 5:00-6:00 PM
Location: Galieni 7

ISHLT 38th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions
Acropolis Congrès Centre, Nice France


  • The Standards and Guidelines Committee shall consist of a Vice-Chair appointed by the Board of Directors, a Chair who shall rotate into the position after serving as Vice-Chair, and the Immediate Past Chair.
  • Vice Chair and Past Chair terms are one year each.  The Chair serves a 2 year term. The leader of each Scientific Council Standards and Guidelines Workforce shall serve on the Committee.
  • The Committee Chair may appoint up to three at large committee members to each serve a two-year term for the purpose of ensuring broad geographic representation on the Committee.


  • Identify the need to update existing standards and guidelines and to develop new standards and guidelines relevant to the mission of the Society.
  • Maintain a calendar for the regular review/revision of existing standards and guidelines and for the development of new standards and guidelines.
  • Develop and revise, as needed, criteria to which all ISHLT standards and guidelines documents must adhere.
  • Develop and revise, as needed, policies regarding content of standards and guidelines documents.
  • Refer suggestions and recommendations for standards and guidelines documents and consensus conferences to the appropriate Scientific Councils for development into formal proposals.
  • Review proposals for standards and guidelines documents and consensus conferences generated by the Scientific Councils.
  • Act as liaison between the Scientific Councils, the proposed standards and guideline document authors and consensus conference organizers, the Finance Committee, the Executive Director, and the Board to facilitate presentation of well-structured proposals for the Board’s consideration, with appropriate budget proposals.
  • Act as liaison with the Journal editor to keep him/her aware of timelines, topics, and length of proposed standards and guidelines documents to facilitate appropriate and timely publication strategies.
  • Coordinate with the staff regarding external distribution/public awareness of ISHLT standards and guidelines and the publication of standards and guidelines in other-language journals.
  • Coordinate with the Education Committee Chair and Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair regarding the development of educational activities to disseminate information/training about new standards and guidelines.
  • Provide initial review of requests from other organizations to co-sponsor or endorse standards and guidelines or consensus conferences relevant to the mission of the society and make recommendations to the Board regarding such.

Peter M Hopkins, FRACP (2021)
The Prince Charles Hospital

David O. Taylor, MD (2019)
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, OH, USA

Manreet Kanwar, MD (2019)
Allegheny General Hospital
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Megan Barrett
ISHLT Headquarters
Addison, TX, USA

Basic Science and Translational Research Council Workforce Leader
Hrishikesh Kulkarni, MD (2021)
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO, USA

Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension Council Workforce Leader
Elie Fadel, MD (2021)
Hospital Marie Lannelongue
Le Plessis Robinson, Paris, FRANCE

Heart Failure and Transplantation Council Workforce Leader
Sern Lim, MD (2021)
University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust

Infectious Diseases Council Workforce Leader
Stephanie Pouch, MD (2021)
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA, USA

Junior Faculty and Trainee Council Workforce Leader
Agnieszka Ciarka, MD (2020)
Catholic University of Leuven

Mechanical Circulatory Support Council
To Be Determined (2021)

Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health Council Workforce Leader
Colleen Juricek (2020)
University of Chicago Medical Center
Chicago, IL, USA

Pathology Council Workforce Leader
Anja C Roden, MD (2019)
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Rochester, MN, USA

Pediatric Thoracic Transplant and Heart Failure Council Workforce Co-Leader
Steven Kindel, MD (2019)
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Pediatric Thoracic Transplant and Heart Failure Council Workforce Co-Leader
Kevin Daly, MD (2019)
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, MA, USA

Pharmacy and Pharmacology Council Workforce Leader
Robert L Page, II, PharmD, MS (2019)
University of Colorado School of Pharmacy
Aurora, CO, USA

Pulmonary Hypertension Council Workforce Leader
Oksana Shlobin, MD (2020)
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Falls Church, VA, USA

Pulmonary Transplantation Council Workforce Leader
Erika D. Lease, MD (2020)
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA

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