Boards & Committees - Executive



Andrew J. Fisher, FRCP, PhD
Freeman Hospital
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Jeffrey J. Teuteberg, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, CA, USA

Maryl R. Johnson, MD
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI, USA

Joseph Rogers, MD
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC, USA

Lara Danziger-Isakov, MD, MPH
Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH, USA

Amanda W. Rowe
Addison, Texas, USA
Job Description for the ISHLT Executive Committee
Approved December 19, 2017

Composition and Terms

The Executive Committee consists of the five ISHLT officers (President-elect, President, Past- President, Secretary and Treasurer) and the Executive Director (who serves in a non-voting capacity). The terms for each officer are for 1 year, although the secretary and treasurer can be re-elected to a maximum of three one-year consecutive terms. The committee is chaired by the President. Job Descriptions for the Office of ISHLT President, ISHLT Treasurer, and ISHLT Secretary are posted on the ISHLT Policies page.

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
  • Make urgent or emergency decisions at the request of the President between scheduled meetings of the Board (with any decision regarding approval of expenditures or appropriations of Society funds begin subject to a limit of $10,000). Three-fifths of the members of the Executive Committee constitute a quorum with decisions being made by a majority of the committee members present.
  • Advise the Board in a timely manner of any decisions made with all decisions put forth for ratification by the Board at the next Board meeting.
  • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors in carrying out the responsibilities of the Board as described in the job description of the Board of Directors
Responsibilities of Executive Committee Members
  • Attend and participate in all in-person Executive Committee meetings (1/2 half day prior to each in person Board meeting) and conference calls (currently twice monthly)
  • Respond promptly to email requests for input/decisions from the president and Executive Director
Time Commitment
  • Conference calls every other week and as needed lasting about 1 hour each
  • 3½ day face to face Executive Committees meetings
  • 1-2 hours per month (in addition to the time mentioned for Board members and the individual officer job descriptions) for reading and responding to emails, providing input and feedback, reviewing/editing/drafting documents and reports, and preparing for meetings and conference calls
Key Interactions/Communications
  • Fellow Officers and Directors
  • Executive Director
Qualifications and What Success Looks Like

See descriptions for the individual officers, individual board members, and the Board as a whole.

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