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2018 Abstract Submission FAQ

Is there a word/character limit?
The size limit for an abstract is 2,140 Characters. This count includes characters in the following: Abstract Title, Abstract Body, Table(s), and Image(s). Author names and institutions, and spaces are not counted. A table or image will remove 320 characters from the character limit. (Note: the amount of data in the table does not make a difference to the character count.)

What graphics formats are acceptable?
GIF and JPG formatted graphic files can be uploaded during abstract submission.

Which browsers are supported?
This system has been optimized for current browsers. For Windows users, we recommend Google Chrome or the latest version of Internet Explorer, WITHOUT compatibility mode enabled. For Macintosh users, we recommend Safari.

Please note: you must also have JavaScript enabled in your browser preferences in order for the system to function properly.

Can I submit the same abstract more than once?
No. Submission of the same abstract into different categories is not permitted. Submission of one study as several different abstracts is not permitted. If the abstracts in question are not different enough to be considered separate studies, or if the same abstract is submitted into multiple categories, all versions may be rejected.

How do I create a new abstract submission?
The submission system is very simple and step-by-step instructions on the site will guide you through the submission process. Follow the instructions on the login page of the Abstract Submission Site to login.

How much does it cost to submit an abstract?
The abstract submission fee is $25.00 per abstract (non-refundable).

When is the abstract submission deadline?
The deadline for abstract submission is October 24, 2017 (11:59 PM EST).

What are ISHLT's policies for submitting abstracts?
ISHLT policies and instructions for submitting abstracts are outlined in the ISHLT 2018 Call for Abstracts brochure which is available in two formats:

Can I submit case reports?
Yes. Junior Faculty (defined as an individual whose formal professional training was completed five or less years ago) are eligible to submit case reports in the Junior Faculty Clinical Case Reports category. Within this category, there are 6 sub-categories to choose from:

There is a separate submission link on the Abstract Submission Site home page to submit a case report in this category. Case reports may also be submitted for consideration in other categories but doing so is discouraged because they tend to score less well than the other abstracts submitted.

What is the deadline for submitting Late Breaking Clinical Science abstracts?
The deadline to submit a late breaking abstract is the same as for all abstract submissions (October 24, 2017). Authors may submit abstracts to this category describing trials and studies that are not yet completed as of October 24, 2017. Final analysis of the study results and conclusions MUST be submitted to Susie Newton ( at ISHLT headquarters by March 14, 2018. There is a separate submission link on the Abstract Submission Site home page to submit an abstract in the Late Breaking Clinical Science category.

Can I edit an abstract I've already submitted? What if I've already paid the submission fee?
You can edit your abstract (even after paying the submission fee) until the deadline of October 24, 2017. After this deadline, abstracts cannot be edited.

Will I receive an email confirmation after submitting an abstract?
Confirmation emails are not sent automatically, but you can request an email confirmation of your submission by clicking the provided link after your submission is marked COMPLETE.

When will I get my notification of acceptance or rejection?
Presenting authors of all submitted abstracts will receive a status notification of acceptance or rejection no later than December 20, 2017.

If my abstract is accepted for presentation, do I have to register for ISHLT 2018?
Yes. Presenters of accepted abstracts must register for the ISHLT 2018 Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions. Online registration opens October 2017.

Will travel grants be offered this year?
Yes, ISHLT will again be offering the opportunity for eligible presenting authors to apply for a $1000 Annual Meeting Travel Grant to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting if their abstract is selected for the final program. Further details and a link to the application form will be sent to oral presenters after abstract selection for the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting has been finalized (January 2018).

Whom can I contact if I need help?
For Technical Support please contact:
CTI Meeting Technologies
+1 217-398-1792
The support desk is manned from 7.00am-6.00pm Central Time, Monday-Friday

For general submission questions please contact:
Susie Newton
ISHLT Headquarters
+1 972-490-9495