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Joint ABTO/ISHLT Symposium on Thoracic Transplantation

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Paulo Manuel Pêgo-Fernandes, MD, PhD
ISHLT I2C2 Ambassador in Brazil
ABTO President-Elect

The XV ABTO's meeting took place in Iguassu Falls October 18-21. There were 1350 people attending the meeting and part of these people are professionals that work with heart or lung transplantation. For these people was very special the opportunity to participate of the Joint ABTO/ISHLT Symposium on Thoracic Transplantation. During the 20 October afternoon cardiologists, heart surgeons, lung surgeons, pulmonologists, infectologists and nurses from the Chief Hospitals that performed heart or lung transplantation in Brazil could interact with ISHLT members as Daniel Kim, Hannah Copeland, Joshua Mooney and Alejandro Bertolotti. It was a very fruitful experience, with a lot of ideas that may improve the transplant activity in Brazil and South America.

The program of the Joint ABTO/ISHLT Symposium: Management Dilemmas and Practical Insights in Thoracic Transplantation and Mechanical Support, chaired by Paulo Manuel Pêgo-Fernandes and Daniel Kim, featured the following talks:

We hope that this was only the first ABTO/ISHLT Joint Symposium and we will work to do the next at the 2019 ISHLT meeting in Orlando, Florida. ■


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