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Associação Brasileira de Transplante de Órgãos (ABTO)/ISHLT Joint Symposium

Hannah Copeland, MD
University of Mississippi
Jackson, MS, USA

Daniel Kim, MD
University of Alberta Medical School
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Joshua Mooney, MD
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, USA

Foz do IguaçuFoz do Iguaçu is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. These impressive falls sit in this beautiful international intersection straddling Brazil and Argentina, with Paraguay a stone throw away. A bridge goes down to the valley of the waterfall, called the Devil's throat. You can walk on the bridge, but bring your poncho because you are guaranteed to get drenched. In addition to beautiful natural wonders, there are unique delights; my favorite being savory breakfast crepes made of tapioca flour and bananas sweetened with cinnamon for breakfast.

What a great place to have a meeting and that's just what ABTO (Associação Brasileira de Transplante de Órgãos) did! And better yet - they invited ISHLT to hold a joint symposium at this magnificent place on Oct 21, 2017.

Daniel Kim, Joshua Mooney and I, Hannah Copeland, participated in the joint symposium. The symposium was entitled Management Dilemmas and Practical Insights in Thoracic Transplantation and Mechanical Support and, as expected from the long title, discussed heart, lung transplant and mechanical circulatory support topics. Paolo Pego Fernandes discussed donor recipient matching. Daniel Kim moderated the session with Paolo and also spoke on temporary mechanical circulatory support and the treatment of antibody mediated rejection. Joshua Mooney conversed lung transplant rejection and combined heart and lung transplantation. I, Hannah Copeland, discussed thoracic allocation policies and cardiac recovery after mechanical circulatory support implantation. Noedir Antonio Groppo Stolf discussed cardiac allograft vasculopathy.

The joint symposium brought together surgeons, cardiologists, pulmonologists and others from all over Brazil to discuss timely topics and improve the care of heart and lung transplant patients. The joint symposium truly fueled insightful questions to the panelists. Fortunately, as we were the last session in the room, discussions continued long after the last presentation, even as we eventually walked out into the hallway.

Through this intercontinental collaboration, I hope and believe that our Brazilian hosts benefited from us. More importantly, we- Daniel Kim, Joshua Mooney and I- learned about the Brazilian heart and lung transplant system, organ allocation and mechanical circulatory support options in Brazil. We also glimpsed into the challenges and opportunities our southern colleagues work through daily. But above all, we were impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment to bettering the care of their patients. These joint symposia are truly an example of what the founders of ISHLT sought for the society; a society where all people who care for heart and lung transplant patients can come together to freely discuss various topics and learn from one another. ■

Disclosure Statement: The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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