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2017 Annual Meeting: Daily Links

For those who missed the meeting, are looking for a recap or just want to refresh your memory, the Daily Links can be a valuable source. View the articles written by our Roving Reporters, Cassandra Baker, Alexander Bernhardt, C.T. Gan, Emily Stimpson and Erin Wells, and put together by Vincent Valentine, Lauren Daniels and Naomi Rios for an up to date guide on the daily happenings of the 37th ISHLT Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions.

Wednesday, April 5: Welcome to San Diego from 2017 Program Chair Jeffrey Teuteberg

Welcome to this year's Annual Meeting and welcome to San Diego! It has been a busy year for the Program Committee and staff, finalizing and scheduling the abstracts into sessions and preparing for this meeting. We hope you are ready to be educated and inspired with some of the best work from around the world.

We are pleased to see that the number of abstracts submitted this year have increased by 8% over last year, 1633 versus 1516, despite the new submission fee. The percentage of accepted abstracts was 85%, nearly identical to 2016. Abstracts were submitted from 38 countries: the US had 1025 submissions, followed by Germany with 106, Canada 82, Japan 58, UK 58, Italy 48 and Australia 40. The number of submitted abstracts from Asia and South America were also higher than in 2016. Even the Junior Faculty case reports increased from 126 in 2016 to 188 in 2017. Read more →

Thursday, April 6: A Message From Your President Maryl Johnson, MD

I hope you are enjoying San Diego and the 37th Annual Meeting! What a year it's been since given the gavel to assume the role of the ISHLT president. Now I reflect on the past year to update the ISHLT members on our accomplishments. More importantly, I want to make you aware that the path being charted for the ISHLT is designed to allow ISHLT members to actively participate for future success.

Last year, the ISHLT's Strategic Framework 2016-2020 was unveiled (see ISHLT LINKS for details). The primary focus of this year's leadership and staff is to prioritize objectives to pursue and develop tactics for implementation. The Strategic Imperatives are: Enhance Membership Value, Engage our Community Worldwide, Improve Science and Drive Innovation, and Ensure Organizational Vitality. For more information on any of these efforts, please refer to the April 2017 ISHLT Links. Read more →

Friday, April 7: I Smoke Two Joints in the Morning/ I Smoke 2 Joints at Night/ I smoke 2 Joints in the Afternoon/ And It Makes Me Feel Alright

Review Symposium 18 Weeding Out Fact from Fiction - the Highs and Lows of Marijuana Use in Transplant

The symposium started off with an informative yet entertaining presentation by Robert Page, PharmD, MSPH on the Pharmacology of a Weed. He first provided a quick history list full of fun facts about the history of cannabis dating back to when people were "Getting Stoned in the Stone Age." Of course in 1492 Christopher Columbus brought the plant to the English Colonies and the drug has been linked to numerous other famous figures since that time including George Washington and Queen Victoria.

Next the audience received a lesson in 'Weed 101,' where Dr. Page reviewed the endogenous cannabinoid system, which is responsible for modulated homeostasis. CB1 receptors found in the nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, and organs and is activated by the plant cannabinoid THC as well as the endocannabinoid neurotransmitter, anandamide (which looks very similar to THC). Read more →

Saturday, April 8: Today's Closing Plenary Session

The annual meeting is coming to an end. The closing plenary session chaired by Andrew J. Fisher, MD, PhD FRCP, and Christian Benden, MD, FCCP, will begin with the awards presentation highlighting all awards and this year's winning projects. The invited lecture will be presented by Roger M Stein, PhD, from the Laboratory for Financial Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston. He will talk about "Using the Financial Markets to Fund Early-Stage Drug Development". Dr. Stein has been working with several colleagues at MIT to develop new financing methods for early-stage drug development. The early-stage juncture in the drug development process is particularly difficult to fund because the risk of failure is high and the horizon of the required investment is often long. Stein and his colleagues have developed a number of approaches that apply financial engineering techniques to this problem. Read more →

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