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2017 Recipients of the ISHLT Leach-Abramson-Imhoff Links Travel Awards

Over the past year, the ISHLT again had a productive year from over 100 writers contributing to the ISHLT Links Newsletter. To deter us from analysis paralysis, we must decide, sometimes with "Big Decisions" but not always the right decision. From power dynamics and groupthink to group polarization, our decisions are subjected to biases resulting in decisions that could be hazardous to someone's life. A grid and a checklist will foster collaborative decision making to reduce hazards as we have decided on this year's Links' Writers of the Year. Congratulations from such big decisions and with what were you doing in 1996 to Pediatric Cardiac Prehab. Of course, the forever important and necessary discussions of difficult news with our pediatric transplant recipients shed light on our sensibilities about caring and compassion. In the end, simply showing up proves that it is all worthwhile. Here, our Writer of the Year Award goes to none other than Quincy Young. Our First Runner-Up is Monica Horn, and Honorable Mention awards go to Melissa Cousino Hood and Erin Wells.

Let's extend a warm ISHLT congratulations to these writers.

Writer of the Year: $1,500

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Quincy Young, PhD, RPsych
St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver, BC, Canada

January 2016, Big Decisions

First Runner-Ups: $1,000

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Monica Horn, RN
Children's Hospital
Los Angeles, CA, USA

January 2016, Pediatric Cardiac "Prehab"
October 2016, What Were You Doing in 1996

Honorable Mention (2 recipients): $500

Melissa Cousino Hood, PhD
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

2016 October, "I didn't know this could happen:" Discussing Difficult News with Pediatric Transplant Patients

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Erin Wells, RN, BSN, CPN
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL, USA

October 2016, Showing Up

Erin deserves a special congratulation on her three-peat honorable mention award.

History of the Leach-Abramson-Imhoff Links Travel Awards

The ISHLT Leach-Abramson-Imhoff Links Travel Awards, funded in part by the generous support from W.O. and Joan Leach (Gadsden, Alabama, USA), Mrs. Sue Abramson (Birmingham, Alabama, USA) and Mr. Larry Imhoff (La Place, Louisiana, USA), were created to support the growth and development of our future leaders from within our society including physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. Those motivated enough with investigation, communication, and dissemination of new ideas for the betterment of patients with failing lungs and/or a failing heart including such conditions as pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, pulmonary hypertension, and from ischemic, nonischemic to congenital heart diseases should be awarded for their efforts.

Eligibility requirements include:

  1. Any healthcare professional including but not limited to nurses, nurse coordinators, social workers, pharmacists, therapists, dietitians and early career physicians are eligible and must be a member of the ISHLT regardless of duration in their career.
  2. An imposed restriction on physicians is that they must be in their Early Career-within 7 years of training, Assistant Professor equivalent, or junior faculty level with rare exceptions.
  3. Individuals must display some form of research interest, basic, clinical, translational or outcomes investigations or at a minimum display some skill in journalism best exemplified by their contributions to the Links Newsletter engendering fresh and creative ideas.

Each year, the winners are selected from a pool of nominees by the ISHLT Links Travel Award Committee (LTAC). This committee includes the following individuals: the Links Editor-in-Chief, ISHLT Executive Director, ISHLT President, ISHLT Program Chair, and the Links Managing Editor. ■

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