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Erin Wells, RN, CCTC, CPN
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL, USA

The Nursing, Health Science and Allied Health Council had another exciting year. Lead by Chair Kevin Carney and Vice Chair Pam Combs, the Council had multiple project accomplishments this past year. The Council revamped the mission statement to more clearly define its multidisciplinary membership and continue focus on collaboration. In addition to a refreshed mission statement, the Council provided mentorship and consultation around the annual meeting proposals, reviewed and revised objectives and membership of the workforces to increase participation and cross Council collaboration. Additionally, the Council created new liaison positions to enhance communication with other councils, actively participated in the Links newsletter with nine article submissions from our Council members and developed a comprehensive membership survey. The Council members were principle authors on the Practice Guideline Document for Strategies to Prevent and Manage Infections Related to Mechanical Circulatory Support. The Many Faces of e-Health and its Application in End-Stage Organ Failure and Transplantation was also created and launched. Upcoming plans for this next year include planning of a Master Academy for the 2019 Annual Meeting, working on consensus document for around the Psychosocial Assessment in Pre Transplant/MCS patients as well as a staffing model for ambulatory care in thoracic transplant. The Council is also working on a joint proposal with the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses for both Societies' annual meetings.

Don't forget to get those symposium and plenary proposals in by the June 1st deadline. If you need any help putting a proposal together, pulling in other councils or coming up with possible speakers, or just want to get more involved in the Council, please reach out to any board member for help. All of our contact information can be found on the Council web page: http://ishlt.org/councils/nursing.asp. ■

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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