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The Wonderful World of ID

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Saima Aslam, MD, MS
University of California, San Diego
San Diego, CA, USA

This was a fantastic year for ID! We started the meeting with the pre-meeting ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Infectious Diseases in Thoracic Organ Transplantation and MCS, which was very well put together by Martha Mooney and Shahid Husain. The Academy ran an entire gamut of lectures from surgical complications, fungal and viral infections, to prevention and management of MCS infections. Its excellent attendance bodes well for future ID Academies (fingers crossed...).

We started the actual meeting on Wednesday, with a joint ISHLT/ECSMID Symposium on "Ongoing Challenges in Transplant Infectious Diseases." This symposium had excellent speakers with Barb Alexander discussing non-cultural methods for diagnosis of invasive fungal infections, Benoit Guery discussing the role of inhaled antimicrobials and Nicolas Mueller discussing infection in patients on ECMO. Shirish Huprikar shared his experience of thoracic organ transplantation and MCS in HIV patients, and lastly, we heard about EBV and Anellovirus viremia as markers of risk of infection in LTRs by Jose Aguado. The afternoon involved a talk on "Cutting Edge Updates in ID" and provided oral abstract presentations that included a multi-center study on the clinical risk factors for invasive aspergillosis in LTRs, the use of aspergillus galatactomannan in exhaled breath condensate for the diagnosis of IA in LTRs, the impact of CMV, invasive M abscessus infections in heart transplant recipients, clinical and microbiologic characteristics of LVAD infections and finally, a study describing posaconazole sequestration in the ECMO circuit. We had a lovely wine and cheese reception with the ID posters... always welcomed and a way to mingle...

Thursday brought some more goodies our way - we started the morning with a sunrise symposium bemoaning "those darn CARVs" and their effect on lung transplant recipients including epidemiology and clinical data by Erika Lease. Additionally, the effects on CLAD by Tereza Martinu, and potential treatment strategies by Allan Glanville were discussed. We then went "around the world" with a symposium that focused on infectious challenges in different areas of the world: Silvia Campos from Peru gave us her on-the-ground report of Zika virus, Emily Blumberg discussed hepatitis B, Subramanian Swaminathan from India discussed latent TB in India and elsewhere, Amparo Sole from Spain talked about treatment of TB and finally, Stephanie Pouch gave us advice on how to keep patients (and us) safe when travelling abroad. In the afternoon, we learned how to "tame the shrew," none other than M abscessus... Cameron Wolfe discussed epidemiology and modes of transmission, Orla Morrissey talked about clinical manifestations and diagnosis and Fernanda Silveira taught us how to manage the shrew in the pre-transplant period. We heard about current and novel treatment agents from Patricia Ging and had a (very) lively and "shrewish" debate that pitted the British (Paul Corris) vs the Australians (Gregory Snell) regarding transplantation in patients with M abscessus.

There was myriad other ID content scattered throughout the program including a series of abstracts from the IMACs registry detailing rate and type of infections in an international MCS registry as well as the pharmaceutical challenge of transplant in HIV patients.

It was an excellent year and Nice can only be better! I mean the ID content of course... ■

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