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An Update from Your ISHLT Governance Committee

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Maryl Johnson, MD
Governance Committee Chair

In the ISHLT Strategic Plan for 2016 - 2020, under the Strategic Imperative: Ensure Organizational Vitality, one of the prioritized goals was to "Improve Governance." A starting point for this goal was the establishment of a formal Governance Committee, charged with tasks related to not only the Nominations and Elections processes of the Society, but also to the development of job descriptions for volunteer leaders in the Society, a process necessary prior to beginning an assessment of Society infrastructure and projects. As your past-president, I am the current chair of the Governance Committee, which also includes the president (Andy Fisher), president-elect (Jeff Teuteberg) and four at large members serving staggered three years terms (currently Duane Davis, Joe Rogers, Stuart Sweet and David Taylor). Over the past 6 months, we have been working diligently on the required job descriptions as well as defining a more deliberate process for electing Council vice-chairs. Many of these documents have now been reviewed and approved by the ISHLT Board of Directors, and I wanted to call your attention to them. They can be accessed through the links below and available on the ISHLT web site for future reference.

Board of Directors
President, President-Elect, and Past-President
Finance Committee and Chair
Governance Committee
Standards and Guidelines Committee and Chair
Scientific Councils and Council Officers

The Committee is still working on the job description for the Annual Meeting Program Committee and Chair, the Executive Committee and the Council Workforce Leaders, and these documents will be uploaded to the website when available. A reassessment/possible reorganization for the Grants and Awards Committee, I2C2 Committee and the Registries and Databases Committee is currently in progress with the intent to develop job descriptions for these groups when the way forward is defined.

The Board has also approved the following process for the selection of Council Vice-Chairs, with the first stages of this process currently in progress and the intent to follow this process for the elections of Council Vice-Chairs in 2018.

Process for Council Vice-Chair Selection

The hope is that the defined job descriptions and processes will improve ISHLT governance and assist in ensuring the ongoing vitality of the ISHLT. We look forward to your continued participation in the ISHLT. ■

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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