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President's 100 Day Report

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Andrew Fisher, FRCP, PhD
ISHLT President

I am delighted to provide my first update to ISHLT members since starting my term as President at the end of the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Our annual meeting is a great place to start as it marked yet another milestone of success for the Society becoming our best attended meeting with just short of 3900 delegates. When compared to an attendance of 2300 in 2007, this represents a 70% increase in attendance over the last 10 years, and shows how the appeal and relevance of our educational and network offering continues to strengthen. Furthermore, this year's meeting was the most internationally diverse and multidisciplinary we have ever hosted.

I would like to take the opportunity to formally thank our past program chair, Jeff Teuteberg, and the entire 2017 program committee for doing a truly amazing job. Of course great content doesn't guarantee a great meeting without the superb and seamless organization by the ISHLT staff that goes on behind the scenes. Work is now progressing rapidly in developing the content for the next Annual Meeting in Nice under the leadership of Christian Benden, our 2018 Program Chair. This program promises to rival the quality of the meeting we just experienced in San Diego in the equally spectacular venue on the south coast of France.

The Board of Directors has continued to push forward with the implementation of the Society's Strategic Plan with major projects such as a complete redesign and enhanced functionality of our website well underway. The new website will be unveiled at the 2018 Annual meeting and should transform the user experience for members with the feedback provided by many of you in our recent survey, providing useful guidance for the design team. In addition, substantial work is going on behind the scenes to formalize and modernize the operational governance of the society. The revision of our Bylaws approved by members at the annual business meeting in April has moved much of our governance from bylaw to policy, and has generated a lot of work in developing these policies. I am very grateful to Maryl Johnson, our immediate Past-President, for leading this work with the members of the ISHT Governance Committee.

For me personally and for many of the members that I speak to, it is the internationality and multidisciplinary character of the ISHLT that makes it so unique as a professional society, and it is the reason we feel such close affiliation with the ISHLT, its mission and its network of members. In recognition of this, the Board of Directors felt it was now timely for the Society to demonstrate its commitment to diversity through a formal statement and additionally to add Diversity as a new guiding principal to our strategic framework. I am pleased to share this official statement with you which will also be hosted on our website.

The International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) is comprised of members from across the globe dedicated to improving the care of patients with advanced heart and/or lung disease through transplantation, mechanical support and innovative therapies via research, education and advocacy. We serve as a platform for scholarly exchange, encourage basic and clinical research in these disciplines, and provide a forum for professional growth. Our core values advocate for a multidisciplinary model of scientific advancement and patient care which values the diversity and contributions of all our members regardless of age, ability, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, nationality, geography, political ideology, religious or cultural affiliation, or professional discipline. We expect respect, tolerance, and professionalism in all interactions.

Of course, it's actions and not simply words that demonstrate the Society's commitment in this area. I have been working with Amanda Rowe, our CEO, over the last couple of months to plan an ISHLT leadership summit that will be hosted in London in October 2017. At this event, the Board of Directors and all Committee and Council chairs will meet together and discuss how the Society will continue to move forward successfully and protect our commitment to internationality and multidisciplinary diversity. In addition, we will be looking at ways the full diversity of the Society's membership can be better represented as participants in the Society's projects and leadership roles. I will be sure to update you on progress in a future report.

If any member has comments on the topic of diversity, then please share these with your Scientific council chairs, or contact me directly at president@ishlt.org. ■

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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