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Program Chair's Report

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Jeffrey Teuteberg, MD
2017 ISHLT Program Chair

It is hard to believe that the Annual meeting is almost upon us and will soon be officially in the books. It has been a busy winter for the Program Committee and staff grading, finalizing and scheduling the abstracts into sessions and assigning session chairs. We are currently reviewing the late breaking clinical trials, and I am confident that there will be something for everyone to learn from these submissions. I am also looking forward to the ID and Pathology sessions which were placed to conform to the clusters that were part of this year's program.

We are pleased to see that the number of abstracts submitted this year have increased by 8% over last year, 1633 versus 1516, despite the new submission fee. The percentage of accepted abstracts was 85%, nearly identical to 2016. The graph below shows the number of submitted abstracts and the percentage of accepted abstracts over the last decade. Abstracts were submitted from 38 countries: the US had 1025 submissions, followed by Germany with 106, Canada 82, Japan 58, UK 58, Italy 48 and Australia 40. The number of submitted abstracts from Asia and South America were also higher than in 2016. Even the Junior Faculty case reports increased from 126 in 2016 to 188 in 2017.

Once again, I extend my thanks to all of the Committee members and the ISHLT staff, without whom, none of this would be possible. As my time as Program Chair winds down and with all of the heavy listing done, I can focus on enjoying the fruits of everyone's labors as they Stay Classy in San Diego.

Lastly, I wanted to wish all the best to next year's Program Chair, Chris Benden, who will do a fantastic job with the 2018 Meeting in Nice.

Safe travels and see you in sunny San Diego! ■

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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