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New ISHLT Online Learning Platform Launched

In April 2016, the ISHLT Board approved a new Strategic Framework to guide the work of the Society over the next 5 years (add small version of attached graphic to LINKS). One of the Strategic Imperatives of this new framework is Enhance Membership Value. In this era of waning participation in membership organizations, ISHLT is fortunate to be experiencing membership growth. We want continue to grow the Society's membership, but we also want to retain our current members whose engagement and participation are highly valued. The aim of this strategic imperative is to make the current ISHLT programs and services more valuable to our members and to increase the number of programs and services available only to ISHLT members. As such, one of the Goals for delivering this Strategic Imperative is to Provide Access to Education Using Innovative Platforms. And one of the Objectives to achieve that goal is to Offer Access to ISHLT Educational Opportunities Throughout The Year.

Strategic Imperative: Enhance Membership Value
Goal 1: Provide access to education using innovative platforms
Objective 1: Offer access to ISHLT educational opportunities throughout the year
Tactic: Free on-demand webinars for ISHLT members

The means by which ISHLT will initially deliver on this Objective is via a new Webinar platform that was launched in October. This Webinar platform will be the portal for ISHLT members to access ISHLT educational content on demand and free of charge. The Webinars will initially consist of video recordings of the 2016 Academy: Core Competencies in Mechanical Circulatory Support (available now). In November 2017, we plan to add a 1-hour webinar on E-Health delivery, created by the Nursing, Health Sciences, and Allied Health Council. In April 2017, additional webinars will be added to include the 2017 Annual Meeting Plenary Sessions, and in September 2017, additional webinars will be added to include the following:

Through these Webinars, we intend to provide access to free professional education throughout the year to those members who are unable to participate in person at the Annual Meeting and/or the Academies. CME and CEU will not be provided for Webinars.

To learn more about ISHLT Webinars and to access the 2016 Academy: Core Competencies in Mechanical Circulatory Support Webinar, click here: http://ishlt.org/education/webinars.asp

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