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2016 Annual Meeting: Daily Links

For those who missed the meeting, are looking for a recap or just want to refresh your memory, the Daily Links can be a valuable source. View the articles written by our Roving Reporters, Michael Trotter, Karen Booth, Erin Wells and Zewditu Asfaw, and put together by Vincent Valentine, Lauren Daniels and Naomi Rios for an up to date guide on the daily happenings of the 36th ISHLT Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions.

Wednesday, April 27: Welcome to Washington from 2016 Program Chair Andrew Fisher
The 36th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation is officially underway. The content of our plenary sessions, major symposia, sunrise symposia and abstract sessions is ready to educate, innovate and inspire you with some of the best work from around the world. The program committee worked hard to preserve the uniqueness of the ISHLT as a truly international and multi-disciplinary society with a unified aim to improve outcomes for patients with advanced heart and lung disease. This year will see a record number of more than 800 posters presented across our daily poster sessions. I would strongly encourage all members to make attendance at one or more of the poster sessions a priority in your meeting schedule. Read more →

Thursday, April 28: Current innovations and future of EVLP - "Lords of the Rig"
'The best way to predict the future is create it' - Abraham Lincoln

What a start to ISHLT! Chrisitine Lau opened by describing the potential therapeutic target A2aR receptor predominantly expressed on iNKT cells, which, may moderate donor derived neutrophilic infilatration contributing to ischaemic reperfusion injury. EVLP, may be the ideal platform to allow administration of large doses of medications with minimal systemic side effects. Dr Shaf Keshavjee (Toronto) also suggested that EVLP provides a platform not only for administration of large doses but also for advanced biological repair gene and cell therapies. John Dark from Newcastle started his 'Lord of the Rig' talk with data showing that 43% of donors had less airway colonization. He went on to show impressive reductions in BAL bacterial load following administration of meropenem during EVLP. Echoing a theme suggested by a previous presenter, John suggested that airway resistance and other biomarkers might be better parameters for determining suitability than the ubiquitously used PO2. Read more →

Friday, April 29: Andy, We've Got Your Number
Will you still need me, will you still feed me When I'm sixty-four? - The Beatles

For more information, call Jenny at 867-5309. Read more →

Saturday, April 30: "And that is why we are here today because of something called precision medicine" - Barack Obama
Led by Lori West and John Dark, a fantastic morning plenary session was well set to challenge our routine practice to reach the dizzy heights of 0% adverse patient safety events whilst introducing us to crowd funding and research by public interest rather than wordy grant applications! It was inspirational to here our future President, Professor Fisher tell us of the pitfalls in multicenter trials and remind us of our responsibility to patients who participate in trials by publishing and discussing results, regardless of outcome. Much can be learnt from failure, just as from success. The UK EVLP experience (DEVELOP-UK study) in this morning's plenary session. It compared EVLP assessed marginal vs. conventional donors. The study illustrated difficulties and challenges conducting multicenter trials looking at new interventions. The primary endpoint of non-inferiority (1 year survival) was not reached due to poor recruitment and a pause for an interim safety review. Significantly higher rates of ECMO use were seen in the EVLP group because of PGD grade 3 at 24 hours. Read more →

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