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After ISHLT 2016: A few random thoughts...

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Kyle Dawson, PharmD, MBA, BCPS
Houston Methodist
Houston, TX, USA

First, I'd like to personally thank Andy Fisher [who, by the way, seems to be a genuinely cool guy] and all those responsible for planning and executing ISHLT's 2016 annual meeting. I can hardly imagine how much time and effort was spent making it happen. I look forward to this meeting each year for the opportunity to learn from the research generated by other institutions, listen to the experts debate today's current clinical controversies, and catch-up with colleagues from other parts of the country/world-this year's meeting did not disappoint.

A few random thoughts...

My favorite talk of the meeting was probably Dr. Laurie Snyder's discussion of the immune response to CMV in transplant recipients and the idea that the duration of prophylaxis against CMV could be personalized by analyzing T-cells to identify patients less likely to develop CMV disease post-prophylaxis. Alternatively, while I couldn't catch all the relevant sessions, I was hoping the evidence would be a bit more definitive regarding the whole "treatment of DSAs after lung transplant" thing...

For those not attending any of the mini-oral abstract sessions [possibly due to their placement in the highly-coveted 6pm-7pm time slot?], I recommend trying to catch at least one block next year. These sessions are a nice change of pace (literally) because the limit of ~4 minutes and ~4 slides forces the presenter to omit any information that isn't essential. These are also fun because one can catch 12 different talks in an hour and the presentations are often delivered by trainees and "junior" authors. [As an aside, when presenting in a mini-oral session, don't be "that guy" that brings 20 slides and thinks the time limits don't really apply to everyone-a good moderator will cut you off with no regard for human life].

Now is the time for symposium submissions for the 2017 meeting! If you happen to feel that XYZ session at the D.C. meeting was basically the same-old XYZ session presented at the last few meetings, now is your chance to try for something different next year. For those feeling stuck or uninspired, sometimes flipping through the JHLT Abstract Supplement Issue can help identify areas where the science is still lacking, topics that should be advanced, or ideas that might benefit from a different slant.

Shameless plug for the Pharmacy / Pharmacology Council... it was fantastic to see so many colleagues in D.C. this year (essentially standing room only at our council meeting). Our group is still trying to identify and recruit both North-American and especially International pharmacy practitioners working in the areas of cardiothoracic transplant, PAH, MCS, etc... If anyone reading this is currently working with a non-member pharmacist, please inform that our group is very welcoming...

Lastly, in case you missed the Easter egg at the bottom of the ISHLT communication regarding Last Minute Info to Prep for the 2016 Meeting..., please know that ISHLT Staff would greatly appreciate gifts of CHOCOLATE and TEQUILA...

Again, thank you to all those who were responsible for the DC meeting... I'm already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. ■

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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