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Strategic Planning Update

ISHLT has been engaged in an iterative strategic planning process since April 2015 with the goal to develop a 5-year Strategic Framework. This process has involved collecting input from ISHLT members including current and past leaders, via surveys, conferences calls, and online community discussions. The Board of Directors and the Strategic planning Task Force met for a day in October to begin evaluating the information collected. A diverse group of 21 Society leaders and staff met in Coral Gables, FL in January 2016 to consider all of the data collection findings and discussions to date, and to draft a Strategic Framework for the Society. The meeting was facilitated by Susan Meier, Principal of Meier and Associates.

The objectives of the retreat were to:

After two days of engaging discussions, consensus was reached on an initial draft of the Strategic Framework that includes four guiding principles, four strategic imperatives, and goals for each imperative. The Strategic Planning Task Force created four Work Groups that will meet between February and April to develop objectives for each of the stated goals. The work groups will meet up to two times per month and their progress will be discussed at the periodic Strategic Planning Task Force meetings. Work group recommendations will be presented to and discussed by the large Strategy Work Group on April 25th in Washington, D.C. The consensus of that group will be presented as the final draft of the Strategic Framework to the ISHLT Board of Directors for adoption that week. Once the Strategic Framework is adopted by the Board, it will be shared with the members of the Society and work will commence to implement the objectives. ■

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