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Program Committee Update

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Jeff Teuteberg, MD
2017 Program Chair

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Well it is hard to believe, but all of symposia for the 2017 are now complete! The 2017 Program Committee met in Montreal on July 16th and 17th and have put together 50 symposia and 3 plenary sessions for what promises to be an engaging, provocative and educational meeting. I wanted to take a moment to thank the membership and councils for submitting 152 symposia for the committee to review. I also would like to congratulate the Program Committee for the daunting task of distilling all of the submissions into a final program and the leadership of the liaisons for their collegiality, flexibility and timeliness. It also helped that the Committee knew how and when to let its collective hair down and enjoy our downtime. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I cannot thank the ISHLT staff enough for all of their time and dedication. Putting the program together is a remarkably complex task that lasts throughout the entire year, a task which they handle with grace, aplomb and good humor.

As you may know there are a couple of big changes to the program this year in response to feedback from membership. The first is that the symposia content, which had previously been all day on Wednesday, is now interspersed throughout the conference. The oral abstraction sessions, which traditionally have been Thursday through Saturday, will now start on Wednesday. These changes also necessitated some changes to the plenary schedule. The first plenary will take place on Wednesday, rather than Thursday, and the other two plenaries will be on Thursday and Saturday.

The second change is an attempt at clustering content. This year we have focused on Infectious Diseases and Pathology. With the ID Academy on Tuesday, we have tried to have the majority of ID content on Wednesday and Thursday. We have done the same for pathology on Friday. We hope that such clustering allows members who have a particular interest to get the bulk of the meeting content in a short period of time, rather than have it spread out over an entire week.

Even those all the symposia are in the books, there is little time to rest on our laurels. The abstract submission site will open on August 3rd and I encourage everyone to submit their research. I am continually amazed by the productivity of the membership and the tremendous impact their research has on the field, our patients and one another.

Thanks again to everyone for their input, time and support. Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego! ■

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